A Poem By Sergio Sarano

Drew a Colorless Galleon On the Wall and It Sailed Away – By Sergio Sarano

Case number GL 39-3144
returned resubmitted reloc sent reloc rec’d
provide information about any departure

Have you ever been a habitual liar one who has given weak testimony
a practicing denier one who has ordered incited assisted in acts of disregard
We regret to inform you but not really
that your request to stay within the boundaries of good and fruitful land
have been utterly denied you cannot or did not comply with the requirements

We encourage you not to apply ever again
please leave a note before you take off
your shoes because the road ahead is a forty-two-day long coin on its edge
just waiting for a little bad wind to push it over

What is your problem you foreigner
there is no time for breathing when there is so much personal drowning to do
we have a list of all your names no you can’t hide
the spinfoam thinker  the creditician  the epistolary beggar
the jewel-eater all of your names so pathetic
we will make them walk the long plank commit them to the burning waves

Whatever couldn’t nurture an emotion on land
may it feed the eager mouths at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico
Not to give you any false hopes
but in their chewing you won’t find relief
do not make this about yourself we just mistook your liver for bank account
and now you don’t get to feel the buttery morning spread on your shoulders
you don’t get to feel light it has all been revoked

may your passport dissolve in terrible chemicals
may you continue your nonjudicial aspirations deep in slime
Filed to lockbox or service center honestly neither
you have no file no more no border no name to deny
your alien registration number has been deleted
and are no longer elegible to apply for suspension of deportation

Case number GL 39-3144 we do hereby order you to stop
for these hungry chains shall be your sufficient and only solace
take your place in the mud black bile be upon your head.


Sergio Sarano was born in Mexico. His poems can be found in Public Pool, several anthologies in Mexico, and elsewhere. His play Maximiliano Segundo is set to be performed next year in Mexico City.
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Christopher Blackman is a poet and educator. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in Columbus, Ohio, where he attended Ohio State University. His poems have been published in the Atlas Review. He was a 2015 teaching fellow with the Kenyon Review Young Writers’ Workshop. He lives in Manhattan, where he is an MFA candidate in poetry at Columbia University.


  • Maria R.

    September 14, 2016

    A wonderful and important poem.

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