Photographic Journey: An Interview with Nala Rinaldo

Albert Einstein once said: “Genius is 1% of talent and 99% percent hard work.” A descriptive example of it is Nala Rinaldo, a Jakarta-Bali, Indonesia-based photographer, former graphic designer, creative director, broadcaster, and TV/Film Director, who is currently working as a Nikon Indonesia Official Photographer Partner and Brand Ambassador. He has more than 788k followers on Instagram, 3.5 million views on Fyuse, and more than 1.7k followers on Twitter. We were lucky to have an interview with Nala Rinaldo, who shared with us how he mastered his skills and what leads to success and happiness.

Could you, please, tell me about yourself? How did your work in photography begin?

Nala Rinaldo: I have graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia, pursuing my master degree in Graphic Design. During my study, I took a three-semester course in photography, and since that time, I have discovered a huge passion to the photography. I changed a lot of jobs in photography, I worked hard before I got a position at the advertising agency as an Art Director and then as a Creative Director there. I was also lucky working as a TV Commercial Director and the Head of Production in two nationwide TV stations in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Photo Credit: Nala Rinaldo

You have amazing photos. How did you master your skills?

N.R: Thank you. Usually, I apply a trial and error method, with a combination of Google help and books, but I also like exchanging knowledge and information with my photography buddies, in order to improve my skills and learn something new. Moreover, I participated in different workshops in Indonesia, Singapore, and India, mastering my skills in TV Production, 3D-live Motion Animation and Photography as well.

I can also say that when I started mastering my skills, I just needed to learn the menus in the camera and that’s it, whereas knowledge about focusing – framing – lighting – composition was already in my heart.


Photo Credit: Nala Rinaldo

Nala, I noticed that you have such  well-known clients like Nikon, Nissan, and others. How did you catch their attention?

N.R: Well, sponsors found me on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well. They loved me not only because of my photography skills but also because of my personal approach to the process and my respectful attitude towards other photographers, models, and local people if we make shots in new traveling spots.

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That’s great. Could you please tell us, what are the favorite and the hardest parts of photography?  What major challenges do you usually face?

N.R: My favorite and the hardest parts in photography come together when I make sea-scope photography at the location that might have unpredictable huge waves and rough rocks. I perceive it like a game with my own adrenaline rush.


Photo Credit: Nala Rinaldo

Could you tell us what are your favorite subjects and locations for photography?

N.R: I really love any object which somehow connects with water. It can be anything: ocean, river, lake, or even a glass of water.

Why do you choose water?

N.R: I can answer this question with a quote of Lao Tzu : “Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”


What  is your favorite piece of your own work and  can you, please, explain, why? 

N.R: As I said before, I love water as the subject for my photos, so this is my new favorite shot, which was taken on my last trip at BatuLayar beach, Kelumbayan, Lampung province, Sumatra island – Indonesia ( April 23, 2016).


Photo Credit: Nala Rinaldo

The last question for you: what do you think is the key to success?

N.R: I think, the main key to success is doing the job which you passionately love and stay positive whatever happens in your life.

I really love the quote of Albert Schweitzer about it: ‘Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.’

Thank you, Nala, for having an interview with us!


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Featured Image Credit: Nala Rinaldo 
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Photographic Journey: An Interview with Nala Rinaldo

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