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Eleanor studied classics and philosophy at undergrad and is now finishing a master's degree in sound art at Goldsmith's University. Chronically indecisive, her main interests are languages (she did six months of a BA in Chinese at SOAS before changing her mind, can say some upsetting things in Czech and knows how to hire a forklift truck in Italian), the arts, cinema, tech, travel and food snobbery. In her spare time she draws, makes travel plans and worries about the world these days.


  • Claude Forthomme

    August 9, 2016

    Excellent piece, there are some intriguing questions here, well worth pondering over.

    No doubt Voltaire (as is his wont) seems to have the last word here: “originality is nothing but judicious imitation”. I especially like his picking the adjective “judicious”: indeed, it is a matter of judgment (or else why so much of all this should become a matter of copyright infringement? It certainly does have something to do with intellectual property and the Law…) Or is it perhaps a matter of being “clever” about it?

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