How Individuals Can Take Action During the COVID-19 Crisis

How People in the B Corp Community and Others Can Contribute to Those in Need During COVID-19 Crisis.

Support a small business.

Volunteer virtually.

Be mindful at the grocery store.

In the Photo: Grocery Store. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Reallocate unused budgets to local charities.

“One way our office found we could support our local community is by using the grocery budget that we would be spending to stock our kitchen to donate food and cleaning products to a few of our local resource centers.” — Amber Owen, Altvia Solutions.

Give blood.

Choose companies that give back.

“We will donate ALL PROCEEDS from orders placed through our website to @sheridanstory, an organization who for over a decade has helped food insecure school children fill the weekend food gap and who we feel is in the very best position to make a large and meaningful impact by serving the most vulnerable families during this uncharted time. Our goal is to help 500 families over the next month.⁠” — Seven Sundays.

Share your knowledge.

Get takeout.

In the Photo: Takeaway box. Photo Credit: Unsplash.

Check in on a neighbor.

Keep connecting.

“Don’t forget to check in every day with your people (Slack and Zoom are great for this). Remote work can be lonely work, and mental health at this scary time is no joke. We usually train healthy social habits like scheduling time with friends and keeping our bodies healthy by spending time at the gym, but these things are more challenging now, so we are leaning more into creating community remotely with little fun quizzes and invitations to share about our lives — kids, pets, their walks outdoors.” — Michelle Hirons, HigherRing.

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