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Diets and food regimen have been a part of American culture for quite some time now, from the Atkins diet originally designed in the 1970s to the paleo diet that has gained traction more recently. Many of these diets have ended up as either fads or disproven theories, but one food regime that still stands today is the macrobiotic diet. Whole grains, vegetables, and beans are staples of the diet, which emphasizes balance over weight loss, with “balance” applying to lifestyle as well as food.

GoMacro was founded in the early 2000s with the goal of promoting the macrobiotic lifestyle through its products, which include its plant-based MacroBars and Thrive nut bars. It has since expanded to retailers all across the US, including partnerships with major retailers like Target and Trader Joe’s. I reached out to co-founder and CEO Jola Sonkin to learn more about GoMacro’s origins, core principles, and retailer partnerships.

Q: What are the origins of GoMacro?

Jola Sonkin: My mother Amelia and I founded GoMacro after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. Rather than going the route of traditional treatment, my mother opted for a macrobiotic diet, eating a diet of whole foods, many of which were grown directly on her farm in Wisconsin. Once my mother recovered, she remained on a macrobiotic regime, but began to incorporate more sweets into her diet. Using macrobiotic principles, she started experimenting in the kitchen to create delicious desserts from real, wholesome ingredients. One day, my husband suggested that we start selling her creations. We evolved the recipe to become more of a plant-based protein bar, our MacroBars today, and that was the beginning of GoMacro!

In the photo: GoMacro is a family run business, here is Jola with her family Credit: GoMacro

Q: On your website, GoMacro has five core principles, specifically being vegan, macrobiotic, wholesome, giving back, and sourcing sustainably. How does GoMacro embody those principles on a day-to-day basis?

We call these our core principles because they are truly at the root of everything we do and stand for as a company. Having witnessed first-hand the power of a macrobiotic diet, we proudly create vegan products using wholesome ingredients to make living a healthy, plant-based diet achievable for all. 

Our “Give Back” bars are another important aspect of our core principles. Certain flavors of our MacroBars dedicate a percentage of proceeds to worthy and like-minded philanthropic organizations. In 2017, examples of those efforts included: 

  • The Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips Bar: Our year-round give back bar, that benefits Solutions for Change 
  • The Peanut Butter Bar: Donates proceeds to Farm Sanctuary in May.
  • The Cherries + Berries Bar: Donates proceeds to Keep A Breast during October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

 In total, we’ve raised $53,000 for charitable causes this year, and look forward to continuing those efforts in 2018!

In the photo: Feeding America is just a part of GoMacro’s extensive giving back scheme Credit: GoMacro

Q: What is your customer base like currently, and whom does it consist of?

Currently, our customer base is made up of health-conscious and ethically-driven individuals who aspire to a mostly plant-based, balanced lifestyle. This person is often on-the-go and balancing career, family and wellness every day.

Q: GoMacro also has partnerships with American retailers like Target and Trader Joe’s, how did those partnerships develop and what has been their impact?

GoMacro has developed partnerships with American retailers like Target and Trader Joe’s with the goal of giving our customers better options for plant-based products. We are humbled by the fact that these retailers reached out to us organically after seeing the success of our brand in other outlets. Outside of Target and Trader Joe’s, our products can be found at Whole Foods, Sprouts, 7/11 and online at gomacro.com and Amazon.

In the photo: GoMacro assorted board of treats Credit: GoMacro

Q: What does the future of GoMacro look like in your eyes?

The future of GoMacro will see us continuing to craft clean, plant-based bars by listening to our consumer’s feedback. We are excited to see how the brand will continue to grow, while making a positive impact on our consumers and our planet.

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