CLIMATE . CHANGE – Episode 2 – With Anjuli Pandit, UK Head of Corporate Sustainability, BNP Paribas

Episode 2 of the short film series “Climate . Change” features Anjuli Pandit, Head of Corporate Social Responsability at BNPP in the UK. In this episode, Anjuli shares her convictions and concerns about the global climate crisis and calls on our responsibilities as consumers. As she guides us through the mechanisms of global warming and its infamous disastrous impact on our planet, Anjuli highlights the doom scenario we all face unless we, as consumers and business people, do not start to act and consume more consciously and responsibly. And although she acknowledges the difficulty and impracticality to exhort change in the modern society we live in, driven by its globalization process and rampant consumerism, she does raise some questions that can help us, consumers, rethink, if not reduce, our consumption patterns.

“Climate . Change” is a short documentary series directed by Thierry Daher & Julie Benasra and produced by Positive Solutions ( with the support of Solutions & Co by Sparknews.

Editors Note: The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of  — Featured Photo Credit: Anjuli Pandit – Twitter
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