Charles Montgomery is an internationally recognised writer and urbanist. He is the author of Happy City, a nonfiction that addresses the urgent need of our generation to redesign the cities in which we live. Montgomery uses a mixture of psychology, architecture,

Graham Hill is the founder of LifeEdited, a design company dedicated to helping people design with less stuff, for greater happiness. Passionate about sustainability and minimalism, Graham was previously the founder of, an eco blog that was sold to

Grace Kim is an architect and co-founding principal of Schemata Workshop, an award-winning architectural practice with a keen focus on building community and social equity. She brings innovative ideas to her projects that merge client goals and sustainability measures -

Named by the Guardian newspaper as "One of 50 people who could save the planet", Dr. Ken Yeang is one of the founding figures in sustainable architecture. Describing himself as an "Ecologist first, architect second", Dr. Yeang is behind many

Organic Architecture has been around for more than two decades but things are heating up very fast today as it is becoming the central focus of sustainable living. Today we asked Eric Corey Freed is Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT, a

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