If you believe — and you should — that planting new trees could benefit the environment and save us from climate change, EcoMatcher will definitely interest you. EcoMatcher is a certified B-Corporation founded by Bas Fransen with the aim of helping

The promise of electric vehicles has long occupied the focus of the tech community. For years there have been claims that the adoption of EVs by the general public is right around the corner. Yet, in 2018, sales of EVs

In contrast to American climate deniers, Europeans generally believe in the science of climate change and worry about threats to the environment. In the fight to save our planet, the European Commission has been at the forefront for a long

Achieving inclusive  and quality education for people living both in cities and rural areas is considered to be the primary goal for developing countries. The chronic teacher shortage and poor teaching standards leave little hope for individual self expression and

The circular economy has started to become trendy, and hopefully, it is not just another economic framework. Some may ask, what on earth is it? The circular economy is an alternative to our traditional linear economy, in which we take

The term ‘sustainable investing’ seems like an oxymoron upon first observation. How can someone expend money with the hope of receiving a return on their investment while constraining their strategies to ethical principles? Indeed, this task is quite challenging —

In the last couple of years, some very interesting solutions applying the circular economy of plastics have appeared. Several brands in UK, USA and elsewhere successfully practise the principles of reduce-reuse-recycle on takeaway drinks and meals. Some of them have

Rekindle Learning is an innovative company founded by Rapelang Rabana in South Africa. She is a successful entrepreneur, and also been named a "Global Shaper" by the World Economic Forum. Rapelang Rabana believes it needs to be taken a radically different

Lacking the expansive resource endowments and sheer size of continents like North America, Australia, and Africa, Europe has always been at the forefront of material efficiency. The continent routinely leads the world in key sustainability endeavors, such as high rates

Investing in women is an investment in the world, and fortunately, the majority of investors recognize the importance of investing in gender-balanced teams. But achieving gender equity calls for more than agreement. Less than 10 percent of these same investors

Deforestation, whether it is consequence of a catastrophe or directly done by humans, is one the greatest problems for our planet and it can, of course, affect our future. BioCarbon Engineering aims to be the solution against deforestation and to

Sustainable development of hotel and tourism industries plays a significant role in achieving the SDGs. A large number of island and Southern European countries (like the Maldives, the Seychelles, Montenegro, Croatia and others) strongly depend on income from travelers around

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