In the aftermath of the great financial crisis, some remain optimistic that we have learned from our past mistakes. In the wake of the negligence, oversight, and greed that precipitated a bevy of changes in credit markets worldwide, the trauma

  This article is part of our Editorial Series called “GFAR Impakters.” This is done in partnership with GFAR – The Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation  – For more follow on Twitter: #GFARImpakters or view here. Sustainability of the Agri-Food

Have you ever been running late for work, your hand extended into your shower, cursing its name as the water slowly warms to a temperature that would allow you to enter? Well, you may be being unsympathetic to your hot

Throughout the course of history, humans have overcome a seemingly endless array of challenges and obstacles earning the top spot in the natural pecking order. It would be quite reasonable to claim that humans are their own greatest danger. Unfortunately,

Maybe you travel for the beaches and the views. Maybe it’s for the food. But did you know that with a little planning and local assistance, you could use your travels to teach your friends about clean energy? Perhaps your

The EMRG Innovation Conference is an exciting event designed to bring together the most promising startups founded by some of the brightest college students across America. While only 15 startups were selected to participate in the event – to compete

Over the past decade (and beyond), we have consistently heard and read about electric cars and their potential to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, in  2018, the US saw electric vehicle sales increase by 81%, which was largely

Start-ups have long been the lifeblood of trade, and this has never been truer than it is today. From the small tech start-ups almost 50 years ago that now make up Silicon Valley, to services such as Uber, founded less

This is the story of an innovative Italian start-up that has devised a smart irrigation system to remotely control the environmental parameters of plants and soils. These are the wonders of IoT and we are looking at Agriculture 4.0. The

In 2019 there are more trends in tech than ever before—ranging from wearable tech to blockchain solutions. Many of these trends have been dubbed as ‘the next big thing,’ as people scramble to identify what is going to be the

Let’s imagine you are at or near retirement, you have done well in your career and have money invested with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). You have read the articles about how companies and large institutional investors are emphasizing sustainability

Our cities are hotbeds of inspiration, connection and breathtakingly brilliant ideas. They have given us so much – but they also account for 80% of global carbon emissions, and are growing fast. Millions of people leave the countryside every year,

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