Columbia University is at the frontier between AI and biotech, especially in coronavirus research. Two graduates of the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Columbia University - Andrew Satz and Brett Averso - are using AI in coronavirus research, relying on computational

Will EVs - Electric Vehicles - take over in the future? In this article we look at five EVs startups all looking to become the next Tesla, or if you prefer the next unicorn. The last decade has seen significant growth

The Gaia Grow System is a hydroponic growing unit that allows anyone to grow their own organic food easily and automatically, either at home or as a business. Designed in Scandinavia, it is ideal to grow vegetables, herbs, and medical

Leather making has been around for more than 7,000 years.  Whether we are huge fans of leather or not, the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews developed the process of vegetable tanning about 400 BCE, and it has been a staple in

In the last decade, consumers have empowered themselves to become increasingly political and ethical in the purchasing decisions they make on a day to day basis. Take the UK for example, where ethical consumption reached an all-time high at the

In a work environment where diversity, culture, and transparency can often feel like buzzwords, there is an app that is putting them into action: Blind. Blind is an app where users discuss topics like company culture, honest perspectives, and relevant career

Ocean cleanup is one of the most accessible forms of environmentalism. Waste in our oceans is visible and easily traceable to human impact. Have you seen images of The Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Cleverly nicknamed “Garbage Island” or “The Pacific Trash

Kate Bowdler is the Director of Sustainability at Philabundance, a Philadelphia-based hunger-relief not-for-profit organization. Serving over 90 000 people per week, Philabundance distributed 25 million pounds (11 million kg) of food in 2017.  It does this through its own neighborhood

Editor's note: This piece was shared with Impakter by Lisa and Zoe Paisley the Founders of Aggie Global, a startup aiming to bring more sustainability in the food supply chain by connecting small farmers with big markets. When you go on

This December marked two years since the launch of my social enterprise TaQadam. The research project, which started with conducting human-centered design research on refugee employment in the fall of 2017 in the conflict-torn Lebanon, led to: rolling out an

Jamie Crummie is the co-founder of TooGoodToGo, a startup tackling food waste around the world. The app allows users to buy left-over food from restaurants at a discounted price at the end of the day.  Founded in 2016, the start-up began

Last month, we wrote about this year's SDG Finance Summit in Geneva, referring to the initiative, by the UNDP, as an innovation springboard with the core aim of "bring[ing] together high-level decision makers to forge partnerships for the implementation of

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