The krama is one of those traditional pieces of cloth, the tradition in this case being Cambodian, which to its culture represents more than just an ordinary clothing item. Worn by locals of virtually all ages and backgrounds, and applicable to

Born and raised in Zagreb, Juraj Žlof has a masters degree in Agriculture and Rural Development from the University of Zagreb. He was the club president of the first American football team in Croatia, known as Zagreb Thunder, for five

For the last few years, the subject of autonomous vehicles has dominated headlines and has been the principal focus of the tech community. Significant progress has been made in the field over a short period of time. Major car-makers are

Throughout history there are numerous examples of substances, products and practices that have changed the way we live. Products, which at first have been revolutionary, miraculous even. And seemingly without consequence. Large-scale burning of fossil fuels to power industry, our homes and

Hydrogen is going to be the main energy source for the global economy in the future. Experts, organizations, companies and entire countries are starting to consider it as a long-term alternative to fossil fuels. The scope of hydrogen is very

Could women play a significant role in sustainable development for Africa? Certainly, they can and Mavis Nduchwa is surely doing a lot to make this happen. Mavis is the founder and CEO of Chabana Farms - and of the sister

Will hydrogen be the ultimate source of clean energy and power for the future? Joi Scientific certainly believes so, having developed a technology that will enable the harvesting of hydrogen gas from seawater at a competitive cost. Joi Scientific likes

Circuit breakers can be found in all our homes, electric devices, and cars among many other technologies that we use in our day-to-day lives. Yet the technology behind them has been the same for over 150 years. BL!XT - also

Poduhvat has a goal of replacing fossil fuels as a basis for the global economy with renewable energy. Their inventions, designed and developed with the intention of helping bring this goal to realization, include wind turbines applicable to urban environments

Initially founded as a research and development laboratory, biotechnology company Episome Biotech is endowing our world with new industrial enzyme technologies that have the potential to reform conventional and unsustainable solutions to problems across a range of industries. Some of these

Wind turbines, solar energy, sea waves and wind power generators are gradually replacing traditional fossil fuels powered energy plants. Innovative companies like Power Ledger play a key role in this. They support customers, lobby at the government level and facilitate

We, as humans, have the tendency to anthropomorphize objects around us. That is to say we attribute human characteristics, such as emotions or even intent to non-human things. To do so is literally within our psychological nature. However, it is

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