Jared Moore, Ph.D. is the founder of Thermal Hydrogen Industries, Inc which is the parent company to startup automaker TH₂ Motors. Thermal Hydrogen Industries, Inc is also parent to other subsidiaries, which form an emissions-free hydrocarbon economy. TH₂ Motors plans to

More efficient ways are desperately needed to alert individuals or public places to COVID-19. To put it another way: Better COVID-19 “detectives” are wanted. Coming soon, personalized jewelry and smart canines may be the answer.  To begin with, COVID-19 is likely

Alternative light sources are necessary for creating sustainable cityscapes. But how exactly do they work? And how can we normalize natural light into our communities? We spoke with Sandra Rey, Founder, and CEO of Glowee, to learn about bioluminescence, sustainable

Almond is a platform allowing individuals and businesses to understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint While thanks to the effort of several individuals and organizations, the majority of the world's population is aware and concerned about climate change, only a

MIXT’s Focus on Sustainable, Healthy Food and Treating its People Well Offers a Roadmap for a Better Food System for Everyone in the Face of Fast Food. The time is ripe for a restaurant industry disruption — actually, one is already

As the world tries to figure out how to subdue Covid-19, and as much of the global airline fleet sits idle, aviation’s CO2 emissions may not be top of mind. Eventually, however, we will want and need to fly again.

How does the future of energy production look? What are alternative methods of producing energy other than fossil fuels? In this article, we look at four companies working on sustainable energy solutions. To begin with, let's start by looking at SDGs:

Reforestation is one of the baseline methods utilized by public institutions, corporations, and private individuals alike to offset climate change. Included in almost every key piece of climate legislation, the goal of reforestation is to plant millions of acres of

The 25th edition of the Industry Growth Forum (IGF), hosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), will be held virtually on April 29-30, 2020. Launched 25 years ago by former NREL Director Charlie Gay, when the idea of clean energy

Columbia University is at the frontier between AI and biotech, especially in coronavirus research. Two graduates of the Data Science Institute (DSI) at Columbia University - Andrew Satz and Brett Averso - are using AI in coronavirus research, relying on computational

Will EVs - Electric Vehicles - take over in the future? In this article we look at five EVs startups all looking to become the next Tesla, or if you prefer the next unicorn. The last decade has seen significant growth

The Gaia Grow System is a hydroponic growing unit that allows anyone to grow their own organic food easily and automatically, either at home or as a business. Designed in Scandinavia, it is ideal to grow vegetables, herbs, and medical

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