Last month, we wrote about this year's SDG Finance Summit in Geneva, referring to the initiative, by the UNDP, as an innovation springboard with the core aim of "bring[ing] together high-level decision makers to forge partnerships for the implementation of

Forward Fooding is an innovative platform that aims to support innovation in the food industry. The deadline to join their latest project - FoodTech500 - is October 31st, so it is the right time to speak with Max Leveau, the

Could a self-funded company hit the market and be successful? This is the very inspiring story of Headline Solar Past articles of Silicon Valley Insider have focused on sustainability and clean energy companies finishing up their Series A-E financing rounds, often

I know you are trying, but just not hard enough Greta Thunberg As Greta spoke to Congress, B Corps from around the world spoke candidly with one another at the 2019 B Corporation Champions Retreat, ultimately celebrating that even greater action is

In a series of four articles about science, millennial scientist Jesse Zondervan delves into the future of geoscience applications in relation to the rise of globalization. In his third article, he explores how the frontiers of geoscience work together with

It has become commonplace to see and hear about companies and countries “going solar” or committing to obtaining a certain percentage of energy from renewable sources. An encouraging sign, to say the least, but unfortunately, we are still far from

Armenia Yerevan Oct. 6, 2019, WCIT 2019 opening day: This coming Sunday, on Yerevan’s iconic Republic Square, the WCIT 2019’s opening ceremony will take place. A ceremony unique in its format. Artificial intelligence will be at center stage: The audience will

With women accounting for just 16% of the technical workforce in 2018, enormous change powered by a collective effort is needed to establish a balance of representation in the technology field. Representation drops even further when considering the intersection between

The financial industry is on the move. It wants to be at the center stage. Fighting climate change takes money, $2.3 Tillion, according to various funds and pension funds. A solid start, for now. This year, the United Nations Climate Summit,

In the 4th and final edition of the EMRG Conference / Impakter cooperation, we will focus on startups working on sustainable products. Sustainable products are not just beautiful ideas, they are critical for the future of our planet. Ideally, the number

Who’s responsible? Why should average citizens who had nothing to do with the creation and maintenance of the climate plundering economic system and who never shared in the vast fortunes made, get stuck with the bill for the cleanup -

In this third edition of the EMRG Conference / Impakter cooperation, we will focus on the social good startup: all those that are aiming to support and create opportunities for other people. If you wish to be a part of the

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