The growing scarcity of non-renewable resources has always been a matter of concern for the general public. However, the opposite—the over-abundance of renewable resources—is rarely an issue worthy of grievance. As production technology has rapidly evolved to minimize the scarcity

Civil wars have a distinct nature that manifests across nations, ethnicities, and continents. A nature that is unmistakable yet illusive. When we look at countries that have experienced a civil war we generally observe the human atrocities and the physical

When one thinks about the driving forces behind climate change, the consumption of fossil fuels immediately comes to mind. However, one driver of climate change that often goes unnoticed is the fashion industry, which accounts for 10% of all global

While we at Impakter are ecstatic to see more and more sustainability-focused companies enter the market, we recognize that most of them will not come out on top. It is a monumentally difficult task to take an idea that makes

Today, we are aware of the consequences the traditional food system has on our environment — perhaps indoor farming technologies can help. For a world of 9 billion people by 2050, we have to drastically transform our food supply chain,

The United Nations released 17 Sustainable Development Goals to push our world towards a sustainable future. These ambitious goals focus on influencing the economic initiatives by individuals to be more impact driven. Here is the third installment of Impakter’s #Startups4Good

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have become some of the latest trends to hit our virtual world. With popular examples like Bitcoin and Ethereum, cryptocurrency has seemed to generate money out of thin air thanks to blockchain. In many cases these platforms

There are many conveniences in everyday life that we often take for granted—one of which is a local, immediate access to whatever product we desire. Irregardless of where the product is manufactured, it always seems to magically find its way

When we typically think of startup financing, we think of venture capital, angel investors, seed rounds, Shark Tank, etc. There are other ways to pursue your passion and build a business, especially in the world of impact investing and social

Kabadiwalla Connect is a startup that works to support and improve the informal waste management system found in most of the developing world.  Siddharth Hande’s path to co-founding Kabadiwalla Connect began with an interest in sustainability. In college, he and others

To encourage our world towards a more sustainable future, the United Nations released 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These ambitious goals aim to influence the economic initiatives by individuals to be more impact driven. Here is the second installment of Impakter’s

You may find this a bold statement, but truth is that most CEOs, entrepreneurs or directors have realised capitalism is no longer the way. Problem is, they don’t know where to start. It can be scary to not have a

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