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This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The original publication can be found here. The supermarket can be a daunting place. It’s hard enough to get through your grocery list, let alone choose healthy and sustainable products amongst

This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The original publication can be found here. Businesses Baking their Social and Environmental Mission Into Their DNA Governance may not be the sexiest of business topics, but it arguably one of the most

Carpooling apps are wildly popular given their significant positive impact not only on our daily lives, but on the environment as well. Sharing your ride with others means there are fewer vehicles on the road, thus generating fewer overall emissions

Presenting the 2018 Best For The World: Changemakers B Corps—and impact improvement—are gaining recognition. A full week doesn’t go by without a story highlighting the importance of purpose, transparency and a trusted certification to back it all up. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial

I’ve always been slightly sceptical of those arguing for social entrepreneurship as a force for good. I’d grown up with the conception of the state provisioning services to those in need. Charities step-in when necessary to fill omissions by the

Nestled in the narrow streets of Cincinnati, Ohio’s Over-the-Rhine (one of the largest historic neighborhoods in the United States) a movement is taking place. Not so much a movement as a change – of jeans, one leg at a time.

Plastic in the water is one of the biggest growing threats to our planet. The percentage of plastic in our oceans, lakes, rivers, canals and waterways is reaching a level which is no longer sustainable: this is endangering our precious

There’s a vicious war underway. The battlefields are our overloaded screens, media outlets, platforms, devices, and minds. Many—on both sides of the aisle—criticise the way things have become polarised, protesting that they never wanted it all to be so black

The recent “Gilet Jaunes” protests in France against the increase of taxes on fossil fuels show that even if governments have the intentions to reduce the carbon footprint of their country, it does not necessarily work that easily. Gilet Jaunes

One of my favorite stories (and I have many) is of the disoriented English traveler in colonial India who, after walking in circles for several hours, asks a native passerby how one gets to Delhi. To the Englishman’s bafflement, the

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