Editor's Note: This is a series on the effect of pharmaceutical advertisements. See Part I and Part II  to the series here.  Part III: Conclusion With the AMA (American Medical Association) recently demanding that FDA ban all DTCPA (Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertisement),

- Exploring the effects of direct to consumer advertisements of pharmaceuticals - Part II: Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertisement in the United States: Is it actually toxic? With exponential growth of Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertisements (DTCPA), drug makers are reaching out

Part I: Direct to consumer pharmaceutical advertisement in United States: History and regulatory landscape The one-minute advertisement which depicts a distinguished doctor who is introduced as the “inventor of the artificial heart” features him turning to the camera and recommending people

As a young clinical pharmacist and counselor, the frequency of prescriptions and counseling sessions for mental health patients was alarming. One in four adults, approximately 61.5 million Americans, experience mental health disorders in a year. It’s prudent to mention that

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