Alberto di Fabio – the Supernature Edition

Tell me about what you do.

I talk about sensitivity, the perception that everyone has to feel the beat of our planet, the movement of the cosmic dance, … quantum physics. Artists, we are like antennas, we feel the breath of the divine wind. There is a human and universally spiritual sense, in every element of nature and physics. I try to talk to the Quantic god and with the vibrations of the notes that compose the cosmos.

Neurone_Rosa n. 3, 2009, acrilico su tela 200x180. courtesy Jose mestre? DSC_0016 tif

What sensation would you like to transmit with your work to the audience? 

My paintings are like elevation exercises … offering to the observer, different levels of interpretation. My goal is to produce a bi-dimensional painting with a kind of electromagnetism, waves, to arouse the emotions that will appeal to the viewer who, perturbed by the colors and signs, comes into kinetic-sensory and can travel to parallel worlds in size.

DIFAB 2013.0001

What are your current projects?

Describing the existence of God with a mathematical formula … [by] painting antimatter.




In what do you find your inspiration and cite as your original? 

Ever since I was little, I started drawing and painting landscapes of mountains and minerals. The mountains are for me the elevation from the earthly world, an image of purity.

Then I spent a lot of time reading scientific books, and copying the illustrations of cells, atoms, and neurons. Through visions of the landscape of the macrocosm I entered in the “magma,” to climb up into the sky to explore outer space.

  paesaggi della mente n.2, 2011, acrilyc on canvas, 200x350 cm. coutesy of the artistDSC_1223

Describe our historical moment. 

It’s a very contradictory period, as it always is, the human race is very young and must grow.
We are advanced hominids, loaded with information, the daily rhythms of life getting faster, … we are full of anxieties, ambitions and dreams and we are never happy. It’s hard to focus on just one thing. It is a vortex that only stops when we breathe in a horizontal manner, as a yoga breath, between the mind and stomach, and we are happy with what we have done during the day.


Describe the art world today. 

It is as it’s always has been! It’s an interesting world, curious, full of colors and sounds, recently very fashionable, and then its became like a swollen sea in a full storm, a shade of colors … You have to read the instructions carefully. 

"energia" 2001 acrilico su tela, 83x69 cm. courtesy dell'artistaDSC_2713

Who are your favorite artists?

 Giotto, De Chirico, Fontana, Pollock.


 And which one do you think is the most overrated?

No artists are overrated.

  foto 8 DSC_4324

What is the best thing about being who you are?

I’m a professional dreamer.  

"20 minerali blu" 2000, installazione aerea, at Universita' Bocconi ,2012 Milano.foto by paolo tonato. IMG_1894

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All photos courtesy of Alberto di Fabio. 
Editor’s Note
Alberto di Fabio, born in 1966 in Avezzano (AQ) Italy, lives and works between Rome and New York.
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Silvia Di Paolo, Art Director and Designer, is the founder and editor of Supernature - Visionary Unlimited. She lives and works in Rome, Italy.

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