5 Ideas To Be More Sustainable While Driving Your Car

What steps can you take to make your daily life more sustainable? In this article, we have a look at what you could do while driving your car.

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But what about now?  What can you do if you don’t want or can’t to buy a new car?  Can you still be somehow sustainable while driving your non-hybrid, non-electric car? 

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In this article written by Impakter’s Tech Editor, Alessandro du Bessé and Erlijn van Genuchten, PhD who is running a challenge to find every day for a year, simple sustainable solutions we have a look at some actions that could help to do just that. 

You can check Erlijn’s work on Twitter or on her website too.

5 Ideas to become more sustainable while driving your car

1 – Check Tyres’ Pressure

When going on a bike, it’s easier to spot the difference between tires that are pumped up properly and tires that are a bit flat. In the car, it’s a bit harder to notice the differences, but the effect is the same. 

Making sure tire pressure is always correct is the first step as it reduces the tires’ friction.

2 – Reduce the Use of Air Conditioning 

When starting a short car trip, if the car was hot from the sun during the day, naturally you would want to turn on the air conditioning. But would that make sense for a short trip? There is enough fresh air outside that would flow in through an open window, and it’s a great way to save fuel.  It does make sense to use the AC when needed like when there is fog accumulating in the windshield. Investing in a good pair of wipers from time to time is also a good idea. You can get affordable to high-performing windshield wipers on https://www.grandprixtimes.com/best-winter-wiper-blades.

In the picture: Driving is more sustainable with the window open. Photo Credit: Unsplash

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3 – Only Break When It is Really Necessary

*Warning* This doesn’t mean drive fast or avoid stopping on zebra crossing!
It just means a change in your driving style. Braking and accelerating burn more fuel. For instance, when in the distance you see a red light or a traffic jam, instead of braking hard, lift the foot off the accelerator pedal. The car will continue rolling for a while, and by the time you get to the last car in line, the light might have turned green or the last car has moved forward. This technique is used by Formula 1 drivers too, to save fuel and it’s known as “lift and coast”. 

In the picture: traffic. Photo Credit: Unsplash

4 – Remove Extra Weight

 Carrying unnecessary weight means that the car will need more petrol to move forward. If your trunk is full of items you don’t need for your daily commute, remove them to save fuel. 

5 – Try Driving at a Constant Speed and Slower Than Average

When traveling by car, driving faster requires for the same distance more petrol/electricity. In some countries, the speed limit is not always a friend with energy consumption and driving below it helps to save fuel. If your car runs out of fuel on the road don’t fret, the reliable towing service of https://towingless.com/ will be there to help you out.

Those are our 5 ideas to reduce fuel consumption while driving. Are you able to replicate these on your own? Let us know if they have helped you by saving fuel!

In the cover picture: Slowing down when reaching a traffic jam could make your driving more sustainable. Photo Credit: Unsplash

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Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten is consistently working on leaving a huge, positive footprint in this world. She currently does this by living a more sustainable life and inspiring others to do the same In the past, she has done this by for example advancing research with a Ph.D. in Psychology, teaching, publishing linguistic books and improving security in IT.

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