The 203 Companies Taking Impact Improvement to Heart

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Presenting the 2018 Best For The World: Changemakers

B Corps—and impact improvement—are gaining recognition. A full week doesn’t go by without a story highlighting the importance of purpose, transparency and a trusted certification to back it all up.

According to Deloitte’s 2018 Millennial Survey, talent is seeking a job with purpose and meaning, where they are treated equitably and are an integral part of something bigger than themselves.

“The survey concludes their concerns suggest this is an ideal time for business leaders to prove themselves as agents of positive change.”

Investors like BlackRock are calling for businesses to develop a social mission or lose investments.

Fink said that society’s expectations of the role of business in society have changed, and that all companies need to demonstrate the social value they create or “they will ultimately lose the license to operate.”

Politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren are proposing legislation to direct the markets toward “accountable capitalism.”

Researchbusiness leaders and investors are increasingly on the same page that this kind of stakeholder governance is not only good for society — it is good business.

To succeed, almost all corporations will have to make significant changes to meet these social, investment and political pressures. The clock is ticking — and first-movers will have an advantage in the field. Examples from early experiments, from successes to failures, can serve as models to learn from. And we have (at least) 203 outstanding examples from within the B Corp community.

On Sept. 5, 2018, B Lab released the list of 2018 Best For The World: Changemakers. This list celebrates the companies tackling the hard work to make measurable, positive impact improvement. Each of the more than 2,500 Certified B Corporations declares, upon certification, to be committed to continuous impact improvement. And these rock stars have made tangible progress on that commitment.

The 2018 Best For The World: Changemakers Honorees List

Scroll down through the alphabetical list of all Best For The World 2018: Changemakers honorees below. You can also search for a specific company filter by location using the search bar or clicking on the column headers to sort each column. Scroll to the right to find links to each honoree’s B Corp profile page. Find the full details on how companies earned their spot on the list.

Learn More About the Honorees

To sort and further explore the Best For The World: Changemakers list (and all the Best For The World lists released in June 2018), you can dig into the interactive B Analytics platform. You’ll be able to find honorees located near you, and more.

Explore the Data

Review and contribute to the analysis and visualization of the impact of the Best for The World honorees. These data sets are hosted by Best For The World: Governance honoree

Some goals of hosting the data sets for further exploration:

  1. How has the spread of honorees globally trended over the years, both regionally and by industry?
  2. What are some interesting correlations between a company’s profile information and their performance?
  3. We are in particular interested in having members enrich these data sets with other related publicly available data. Please post here any questions with regards how to integrate and join tables from other data sources.


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