Sweden: The wave of Young Eco-Fashion Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered about the environmental impact of the production of your clothes?

Did you know a garment as simple as your pantyhose could be a big threat for the environment? These pieces of clothing are usually made of nylon and require intense amounts of water and energy for their production.

Founded by Nadja Forsberg and Linn Frisinger, Swedish Stockings brings a new and more sustainable alternative to the classical non-biodegradable nylon hosiery by using recycled yarn and a less harmful manufacturing process based in the use of sustainable energy from solar panels and recycling water that will be later purified and used for agricultural purposes.

Nadja and Linn are two young creative entrepreneurs that have taken advantage of new communication opportunities to engage with people interested in responsible consumption and at the same time with those who are attracted by new fashion trends, creating a brand that combines environmental awareness with the highest quality and design.

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Here is an interview with Linn and Nadja where I got to know more about the story behind the brand and their thoughts on sustainable fashion:

Q. What made you start a brand like Swedish Stockings?

A. It all started with a documentary called the light bulb conspiracy where they brought up the fact that items are purposely designed to age quickly in order to boost consumption in society. Pantyhose were a true luxury item back in the 60s and have now become a real wear and tear clothing item.

Pantyhose are a petroleum product and on top of that the production is very harmful for the environment. This made us really eager to find a more sustainable solution. We started researching and ended up with Swedish Stockings – pantyhose made from recycled yarn.

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Q. What makes Swedish Stockings  sustainable and fashionable at the same time?

A. I would say the amount of time and work we spend on both aspects. From the beginning our vision was to create a sustainable fashion product and bring back the luxurious feeling of pantyhose from the past. We strongly believe that sustainability can be achieved along with great design and quality!

Q. Has it been easier to market a new brand such as Swedish Stockings in today’s digital world?

A. Absolutely! We are forever grateful to the lovely people within social media and media who have written and liked our products. But It´s hard to say since we can’t compare it to anything else. Online marketing is so crucial and the competition is tough. But the opportunities are limitless if you do it the right way.

Today’s access to information makes it harder for people to resist sustainable alternatives. People are more aware and maybe along with the globalization people feel that there is a common responsibility for a more sustainable fashion.

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Q. Which other sustainable brands do you follow?

A. Numerous skincare brands, C/o Gerd, Jurlique among others. A lot of different brands within the food and nutrition industry, bloggers, fashion brand such as Svilu, freedom of animals, Stella mccartney among others.

Q. How do you try to incorporate sustainability on a day to day basis?

A. Eating organic and locally produced, limit the utility of cars, recycling, keep a high quality awareness since it’s more sustainable long term. We are also networking with other sustainable companies to raise the awareness and consumer patterns.


Q. What are Swedish Stockings plans for the future?

A. We would like to expand even more internationally.

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  • Michele

    August 26, 2015

    This is great! we´ve been looking for a sustainable stocking brand for a long time. As a eco friendly professional women´s dress line its the perfect complement that our customers need to complete their outfit. Congratulations!

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