A Spiritual Adventure with Alexi Torres

Alexi Torres, an artist from Cuba, is known for his stunning oil paintings which are depicted in such way that they appeared as knitted and woven. His paintings are full of mystery, imagination, and elements of surprise, which emphasize the interconnectedness between human and nature.

Torres had numerous exhibitions around the world and he is the winner of different awards. Also, his works might be found in the private and public collections of Will Smith, Delta Airlines, Hoover Public Library and others.

Impakter Magazine: Alexi, tell us, how did you find your passion in art? Is there a story behind your career as an artist?

Alexi Torres: When I was in elementary school I had all my notebooks full of drawings, it felt great to draw all the time. When I was nine years old, my father bought a large landscape painting and hung it in the living room, and when I got back from school that afternoon and entered the house I could not believe someone had so much talent to do such a great painting! I remember staring at it for hours. And I committed myself to do it too!


_Spiritual Security - Rocking_ 72_ x 60_ Oil_Canvas 2016

Photo credit: Alexi Torres – “Spiritual Security – Rocking” 72″ x 60″ Oil/Canvas 2016

You are known for your oil paintings that are painted to appear as if knitted and woven. How did you come to choose this style? What inspired you?

A.T.: It always fascinates me to change the meaning of something just by changing what you make it out off, and I made it a constant in my work. When I was living in Cuba, all my works were against the Castro regime, and I was using pills, bandages and cigarette filters to make objects and paintings. When I arrived in the U.S., I got a better understanding of the world thanks to freedom and information. Then I started working on the need for interconnectedness between all of humans and nature; this is how I began to paint using feathers, leaves and basket weaving.

How did you master your skills?

A.T.: It takes years and many many paintings to get it right. I can say working hard helped me to master my skills.


Photo Credit: Alexi Torres

Where do you find your inspiration? What or who inspires you?

A.T.: I see the artist as the individual responsible for making a better society or documenting our human experience. In my case, my surroundings inspired me, political circumstances and spirituality.

Can you describe your painting process? How do you usually start? 

A.T.: I start with the idea; then I try to express it in the most direct and understandable way on the canvas. I paint by applying many layers of paint to get the final result.  There is also one very challenging, but most peaceful step when I have to weave in all the texture.

Speaking of challenges, what challenges have you met on your artistic path? How did you handle them? Can you give some advice for Impakter’s budding creatives?

A.T.: The challenge was to find the right art dealer that will give an excellent representation, which I have. I think that the most important thing in today’s art world is the exposure you get, more than what you do. Also, you are obligated to create a work that is dramatically impacting that will live on in people’s memories for a while, especially in this over overflow of images and information we see every day on social media. In a way, you have no choice than being the best you can and be as original as you can.

Pototo Photo Credit: Alexi Torres

What are your plans for the future?

A.T.: I am working now on a new series called “Brain Wash”. I want to focus on screen printing and get museums shows.

_Brain Wash - Media_ 90_ x 54_ Oil on Canvas 2016 (1)

Photo Credit: Alexi Torres – “Brain Wash – Media” 90″ x 54″ Oil on Canvas 2016

When and where will you have your next exhibition?

A.T.: I will have few significant works at the Art Hampton art fair, and Art Miami in December of this year.


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