Sophie Habsburg – The Designer

Sophie is the daughter of Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria and of Helene, Countess zu Toerring-Jettenbach. She was born in exile in city of Paris. There she studied design at the Camondo school. Her first love, design, she nourished through not only studying but by being an active member of the fashion community. She moved to Madrid, New York and London in order to pursue a career in the sector. Firstly as international journalist in Madrid, but she was noticed as a unique beauty which led her to become a model and  Valentino’s muse back in the 80’s.

Being so close to the fashion industry and a designer by nature, Sophie runs today ultra chic bag design company that bears her name, Sophie Habsburg.

Looking at her past and present collection, her bags are a true delineation of what her life has been. You can feel her aristocratic roots together with her extravagant lifestyle. She started designing bags for herself, and when her friends started to admire what she was wearing the step to making it a proper business was quick.

She mixes colors and fabric in the same way she traveled through different countries. Her designs are a true representation of class and elegance. The bright colors used for her clutches are perfect for an evening soiree. And her everyday bags can be easily worn at the office, or for a chic lunch with friends. The reason why her bags can blend in every occasion is due to her impeccable taste of fabric and shapes.

With all this going on, we had to meet up with her and find out a little more.


You can find out more about her collection here

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