Mind the Body – Kastner&Pallavicino and the New Made in Italy

When looking for quality in your clothes, nothing better than the guarantee of a product Made in Italy,  a label that we instantly associate with the style and elegance of Italian fashion brands. Kastner&Pallavicino brings back a piece of clothing which has been lost through the years in women’s wardrobes: the body.

Virginia & Helena    In the photo: Virginia Cosentini Pallavicino (L) and Helena Kastner (R).

Virginia and Helena designed a garment that embraces women’s figure and it’s  made by the finest textiles that the Tuscan region of Italy can offer. We asked Virginia and Helena about their journey creating a growing fashion brand and how these fashion pieces are now available all around the world thanks to an e-commerce strategy.

Q. What’s the inspiration behind Kastner & Pallavicino?

Helena, studied fashion design in Rome at the Accademia Koefia and London’s Central Saint Martins, where soon after she began to work alongside the iconic creative director Karl Lagerfeld at the Fendi Atelier for 12 years.

Virginia on the other hand, studies philosophy, and has been working for a fashion PR firm in Rome for eight years.

The reason behind Kastner & Pallavicino, is that we both thought that the body was an item that was missing in today’s fashion

Q. Which was the biggest challenge when launching Kastner & Pallavicino?

We founded the company in Italy, so you can imagine the amount of bureaucratic red tape before starting a business. We spent more than two months working on the paper work, and then one more month to register the logo and the fashion brand. Nevertheless we made it.

Body 2

Q. Tell me a bit about the material selection, where does the fabrics come from?

The selection of the material is very important when designing bodies. They have to be a perfect blend of comfort and elegance. The fabrics used in our first collection are velvet, silk and neoprene.

The fabrics come from the Tuscan area, and they are made in Rome to render our product a true made in Italy.

Q. How do you distribute your designs? Are all the sales made online?

Yes, sales are made online and are private sales. Although we are working on distributing them in shops.

k&p body

Q. How important is social media for your marketing strategy?

Social Media is essential nowadays so we too are working with Instagram and Facebook.

It is important and helpful, because it is what everyone is using, it is fast and an easy way to access products in general.

Q. What quote would describe K&P spirit?


Body 1

Q. Any plans for K&P future?

Planning is not our strength, we never planned in an ordinary manner our brand. So what we can say is that we hope to succeed in setting a footprint in the fashion industry.

 Photo credits to: Cristiano Pedrocco & Mikel Errondosoro

Kastner & Pallavicino Instagram

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