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If you remember fall the way I do, you will remember the non-stop fashion coverage of Fashion Week from New York, London, Paris, and Milan. From September into early October there was a non-stop buzz from celebrities, A-listers, designers, and models updating social media with the latest in trends and wares while documenting their every move on the scene. With no lack of information for mainstream publications, it may seem surprising to see fashion bloggers intermingle with industry veterans in this space. What may have at first been been seen as an intrusion on sacred space is now widely accepted amongst designers and industry professionals as a way to turn trends into the mainstream.

Curious about the inner workings of the fashion blogging industry, I had the opportunity to reach out to one such fashion blogger, Lorna Andrews, from LornaLuxe about her background, experiences, and her love and commitment to fashion.

What is your background and how do you think it contributes to your interest in fashion?

I was brought up in a family that didn’t really give too much thought to fashion. My gran was probably the most interested in dressing up and wearing make-up. It was only when I began a career as an air-hostess for Virgin Atlantic that I really had to think about what I looked like. Plus the travel played a huge part in opening my eyes to new styles and fashions.

What influenced you to start your own fashion blog?

I began documenting my outfits and fashion style on Instagram, then quickly found I had so many more pictures that I couldn’t spam my Instagram, so decided to begin a blog to share them and add a little dialogue.


How would you describe your personal style?

Non-fuss, fearless and with an element of fun. 

How does social media contribute to your impact as a fashion digital influencer?

A lot of the time I use social media mainly to share my own content, and look to it for inspiration in terms of what I’m doing next. In terms of impact, driving people to my blog is a fundamental element to growing my business. The engagement I have on social media facilitates that and encourages it, plus it has the advantage of sharing an insight into what’s working and what people are liking.

Always be comfortable and never be afraid to size up.


What’s your best advice for those interested in fashion and curating a fashion-specific following through social media?

I think you have to dedicate as much (if not more even) time to engaging with others than you do to your own social page. See it as a way to connect and develop networks as much as a way to be creative.

Who is a fashion inspiration to you and how do they impact your personal style or work?

I’m hugely inspired by Jeanne Damas and her effortless Parisian style, I constantly reference her looks when thinking about how to style up my basics.

What are your favorite pieces of fashion advice?

Always be comfortable and never be afraid to size up. 

Tell me about your favorite style pieces and what you look for when you find a new piece.

I like my accessories to make a statement so I often look to the catwalk when I buy an investment piece. Most recently I’ve bought Louis Vuitton eel skin boots with eye-catching pink heels and Dolce & Gabbana mink pink sandals which I’m hoping will get some winter sun. It’s all about the playful and fun for me.

The silhouettes are almost a homage to the era’s from before so I’m buying into vintage denim and plenty of retro prints next season.

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What iconic fashion periods are you most influenced by in your life and contribute to your personal style?

Currently I’m looking to the sixties for fresh inspiration: muses like Peggy Moffitt and Twiggy in their super short mini’s and edgy Sassoon haircuts are on my radar.

Tell me about fashion trends now and where you see them developing in the future. Do you see any specific trends emerging?

In terms of what is coming next, I think the influence of younger designers taking the helm of big fashion houses, Alessandro Michele at Gucci, Raf Simons at Dior and Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent will see a shift from fast fashion and more of an excitement and appreciation for luxury investments. The silhouettes are almost a homage to the era’s from before so I’m buying into vintage denim and plenty of retro prints next season.

It seems one of the greatest obstacles in the fashion industry is to make fashion both beautiful, affordable and timeless. How do you bridge this gap?

I buy less but buy well, often I’ll hold off buying a piece until I’m convinced I’ll wear it. That goes for high street finds too. I’m still a supporter of the high-street but I also feel quite strongly that we need to support small businesses and new designers if we’re to ever sustain the creativity of the future.

paris blue

What does the future look like for you, do you have any current projects you are working on?

It’s a busy time between now and Christmas, I’m collaborating with a jewelry designer on my own pieces and also working on styling projects. Most recently I am an ambassador for luxury denim brand Donna Ida Denim. Hoping to squeeze in a little holiday too, fingers and toes crossed on that one.

Lastly, fashion is becoming more and more intertwined with social causes. Do you support or are you involved in any social causes tied to the fashion industry?

I’ve always given to charities since university so I don’t associate there being a difference in my involvement since working in the industry. It’s such a personal thing to support and champion a charity so I hope in the future I can use what little voice I have to add weight to a cause I believe in.




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