Yesterday Trump decided he had enough with California and half of the country, the hated “Dems”. Forget Syria, forget foreign enemies, the real enemy is inside the borders of the United States! So he took aim at California, reviling it as a “sanctuary” state, overrun by hordes of criminal immigrants threatening public security, and ascribing the whole sorry situation to the Democrats.

He did this with one tweet: The Democrats are not doing what’s right for our country. I will not rest until we have secured our borders and restored the rule of law!”

And one extraordinary video:

This is worth taking three minutes to watch. The divisive strategy he uses is stunning. The enemy is within, it’s inside of our borders!

Looking at him, you can almost believe he believes what he’s saying. Until you remember that this is the man who didn’t bring up his Trump Tower in line with fire regulations and a fellow American citizen died because of it.

All he had to say about this fire on when it happened on 7 April was is this:

Unbelievable. A “well built building”?  It was lacking the sprinklers required by law. It is true that it was built a couple of years before the legislation was passed in New York, but Trump fought that legislation tooth and nail, vowing that he would never spend the extra $4 per square foot that was required to install sprinklers. And he never did. So today, he’s got on his conscience the death of the art dealer who lived in the apartment that caught fire.

But perhaps he hasn’t got him on his conscience at all. He’s only focused on dividing the country and building a wall against Mexico – once upon a time a trusted neighbor. I wonder how long Mexico will tolerate Trump’s braggadocio.

It seems the mood is also shifting on Wall Street. The S&P 500 Index may have risen 22 percent since Trump came in, but, according to Bloomberg, “investors are losing faith because Trump is turning into the type of president many always feared: unpredictable, volatile and tempestuous”. Are voters next?


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