At The Economist: Feeding the Future Summit London 2019

At The Economist’s 2019 Feeding the Future conference in London, Impakter interviews key figures in the battle for a more sustainable and just food system. Addressing one of the biggest challenges of the next century, businesses and public organisations came together to find solutions to the key paradox: how can we feed the world’s ever-increasing population without exploiting the environment and each other?

Source: The Economist

This highlights video poses some snippets from key interviews, with topics ranging from public and private sector responses to food waste, the financing of agricultural communities and alternative sources of protein found in insects.

Interviewees include Pete Pearson, Senior Director of Food Loss and Waste at the WWF, and Kait Bowdler, Director of Sustainability at Philabundance, who address the need to tackle the fact that 30% of food produced in the US is currently wasted.

From the left: Jammie Crummie, Clara Colina and Pete Pearson

Private sector initiatives are also seen through interviews with Jammie Crummie, co-founder of TooGoodToGo, an app that changes the culture around food waste by incentivising consumers to buy surplus food from restaurants at low costs. Clara Colina, Programme Manager at the Mastercard Rural and Agriculture Learning Lab, also speaks to us about how to properly finance rural communities with the aim of self-empowerment and long-term sustainability.

Finally, Dror Tamir, Co-Founder and CEO of Hargol Food Tech, reveals that the future is not necessarily vegan! Insects provide an essential source of protein that is currently neglected by the food industry, and Dror has been working hard to bring alternative protein to market, creating the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm.

An image from Hargol Food Tech’s website, the world’s first commercial grasshopper farm. 

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