Creating a World in Which Everyone Thrives: Step One, Join the Sustainability Challenge!

This article is about the “We Can Save the World Sustainability Challenge” a 28 days event aimed to raise awareness on sustainability.

If you are reading this, you will likely agree that it is time we do something and create a world that works for everyone.  That means making choices that promote environmental, economic, and social justice.

“That means starting to view all our actions through a lens of sustainability.”

It can be hard to shift our thinking.  We are used to doing things, like using resources, without giving it very much thought.  There are so many competing messages and so many competing needs.  Sometimes, the changes themselves seem so big.  At the same time, in order to survive, we have to do something.

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Introducing the We Can Save the World Sustainability Challenge

Lori Myren-Manbeck whose company sells sustainable fashion and promotes justice and kindness, says it was feeling overwhelmed and that led her to write her book, You Can Save the World…In Fact, You’re the Only One Who Can.

The book – full of simple tips anyone can follow to live a more sustainable life – led to the creation of the We Can Save the World Sustainability Challenge, which will happen throughout February. Every day a new challenge will be issued, something simple that all participants can do.  Participants will be encouraged to comment on their experiences.  Daily prizes will be awarded among all participants who post comments.

Over 20 partner organizations, including Impakter, from around the world will participate.  Prizes include music, books, art, bags, and organic gardening supplies. We encourage all our readers to join.

“We can create a world where everyone thrives, but it takes all of us thinking about sustainability all the time, starting now.”

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The goal of the "We Can Save the World Sustainability Challenge" is to encourage everyone to see all their decisions through a lens of sustainability. If we can all do that, we really can save the world and create a future where everyone thrives.

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