A&E is a digital agency that has the largest client portfolio of Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, J&J, P&G, and Netflix. The agency was founded by sisters and mega influencers Amra Beganovich and Elma Beganovitch. Both women are experts

The COVID-19 crisis has led to severe economic disruptions, knocking energy markets off balance, especially the electricity sector. Up to now, the energy sector has seen the steady growth of renewables- both globally and within the US- while the power

The global pandemic, COVID-19, continues to batter various sectors of our economy, not sparing the agriculture sector, which happens to be the backbone of Ghana’s economy.  But Ghana is not alone. Every African country has been adversely affected by the

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have emitted more than 2,000 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. (A gigaton is one billion metric tons.) Here are six effective options for carbon removal researched by the World Resources Institute. This thickening blanket

Business Resources to Take Immediate Action and Commit to Ongoing Structural Work to Dismantle White Supremacy. "We recognize that it is not enough to be quietly non-racist, and that we have a responsibility to become vocal, visible anti-racist leaders,” writes B

The COVID-19 crisis has affected many aspects of society, but perhaps none in such a complex and poorly understood way as in black markets, from booming sales of fake medicines and guns in the U.S. to rising illicit export of

About two years ago, I was privileged to meet a wise African woman, whom, some might say, has just about seen it all. In her delivery to a packed audience of keen African minds at the event where she spoke,

Both the tariffs that countries impose on imports of physical things—from live horses to antique statues of horses—and the statistics on such trade are based on a set of around 5,400 six-digit numerical codes generated by the World Customs Organization (WCO) that

The word CrossFit has become somewhat of an enigma within the fitness industry over the past twenty years. The fitness movement, which was founded by Greg Glassman in California in 2000, has gathered a cult-like following by its members who

On May 27, the European Union unveiled a €750 billion ($826 billion) recovery proposal as a centerpiece of its economic response to the coronavirus crisis, while also increasing its existing budget. EU officials have said that 25% of the stimulus package will be

How Ownership Shifts, New Incentives, and Social Work Could Fuel Systemic Change for Our Economy. Dear U.S. Capitalism, It’s me, Social Work. I see you’ve been working toward creating a fairer economy, which is amazing, because so many social injustices are rooted in

This article begins by reviewing the EU-28 Member States' public debt, focusing on debt-to-GDP ratios above 60 percent of GDP in 2018. The next step is to analyze the increase in the government debt-to-GDP ratio between 20o8 and 2018 in

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