How People in the B Corp Community and Others Can Contribute to Those in Need During COVID-19 Crisis. Life has been a whirlwind since we first heard the term COVID-19. Over a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has posed profound

Using Surveys to Ensure Employee Engagement and Guide Action. "Companies with a greater purpose must realize that, while purpose certainly is a draw, purpose doesn’t mean businesses can neglect other components of employee engagement, such as how the work itself gets

When coffee farmers can take advantage of cloud-enabled, mobile technology, they simplify their data collection process and use this data to benchmark their performance within their industry, inform business decision making, and increase transparency for their farmers. Since the advent of

Disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence or ride-sharing apps, are already affecting people in significant ways. There are increasing concerns about data collection, surveillance, behavior management and the shake-up of local economies as automation takes over. The question arises of

The new coronavirus started in China last year and after three months of suffering, the Chinese have managed to finally bring it under control. Now China is again looking outside and turning into a leader in the global response to

Purpose-driven firms play a critical role in helping to build a sustainable world. Purpose-driven work drives innovation, creativity, and out of the box thinking. Climate change, diversity inclusion, wealth disparity, gender wage gaps. These once contentious topics are now central conversations

Root Capital’s unique credit-plus-capacity model has given RAOS, a coffee cooperative in Honduras, the tools it needs to successfully transition from a small, growing business into a resilient engine of impact in its community. In the face of adversity, this coffee

The benefits of energy-efficient buildings include substantial savings, energy security, job creation, and health. They also have a lower lifetime cost and higher asset values. That's why we need to mobilize innovative financing solutions for zero carbon building projects. In the

Can digital life save us from the fear and anxieties of COVID-19, especially when we are put in quarantine, like the Chinese were, like the Italians are today? The digital economy will undoubtedly get a boost from COVID-19 - just

Racial Equity Work Requires More Than Changes to Hiring Organizations and industries attempting to reach racial equity have been focusing on increasing diversity in the workforce. Although well-intentioned, the practice is inadequate when fighting systemic racism and is merely the first

I woke up with an email in my inbox. My stepmother had read an article on firms that have adopted “green” and innovative approaches to Finance and of course, she thought of me. In this case, the approach was planting

We are almost precisely 100 years from the worst influenza outbreak in history.   The 1918-1919 influenza pandemic, considered the first global pandemic, killed anywhere from 50-100 million people in two waves, the first less devastating than the second. The

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