We are now in a climate emergency and 2020 will be a critical year in the fight for the survival of the planet. The battleground is triple: climate change, biodiversity, and the ocean. What happens in one affects the other

The choice between economic development and sustainability is often considered to be irreconcilable. However, viewing the elements of ecosystems as resources that provide services puts a price on nature, helping, through through green investing, to shape the future of investments

This December marked two years since the launch of my social enterprise TaQadam. The research project, which started with conducting human-centered design research on refugee employment in the fall of 2017 in the conflict-torn Lebanon, led to: rolling out an

What’s more radical? Calmly following a path towards an almost certain human crisis or trying something new, on the fringe, something disruptive, that has a chance of changing our course for a better future. That is when companies "should zoom"

Investors in the global North can sometimes be hesitant to make investments in emerging markets, let alone some of the world’s least-developed countries. Risks may very well be greater in developing nations, but much of this hesitancy comes from a

We chose styles that represent the image we want to portray. We align with trends that are shaped by the people we admire. We wear labels that match our lifestyles and aspirations. Increasingly, the clothes we wear also tell a story

The 2010s are coming to a close. Reviewing the decade, what can we say about the future? A tech person will look at technological progress (stunning). A sociologist will look at cultural diversity (explosive). My take (disclosure: I’m an economist)

Verdical Group looks at its company's journey as a BCorporation business - balancing profit with people and the planet - to provide guidance to other businesses looking to do the same. This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The

Some techniques applied to the for-profit world can have a major impact on not-for-profit organizations and improve their effectiveness, provided they are correctly implemented. This article is part of an editorial collaboration with BCorporation. The BCorp Series can be found here.

A new working paper examines research on scaling as a method to promote adoption and effective uptake of climate-smart  innovations resulting from experimentation carried out by the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS), with researchers

Farmers and the actors that support farming systems face acute challenges caused by the climate emergency. According to CGIAR researchers, overcoming these challenges requires working together to co-design and adopt climate-smart practices. This article explains how climate-smart farming could be

For those of us who are reducing our intake of single-use plastic, reusing plastic items and recycling wherever possible, it can be frustrating when companies don’t seem to be playing their part, or are merely using the issue of plastic

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