Headlines trumpet the news when BMW beats Mercedes and vice-versa in the race for the world’s top luxury car - the two German carmakers tend to be first, ahead of their conational Audi. In 2020, the crown went to Mercedes

China is set to launch the world’s largest carbon emissions trading scheme by 2025. Carbon trading schemes have been on several countries’ agendas, but their execution has been limited due to fiduciary, technical, and implementation challenges. Pakistan has abundant potential

The Impakter Index analysis reveals Ikea's lack of transparency is preventing them from being truly sustainable The “big Ikea trip” is something most of us are familiar with. Imagine leaving the marketplace without grabbing an unnecessary houseplant, “Kottbullar” (Swedish meatballs) and

It is somewhat unfathomable to think that a traditional brick-and-mortar retail store could see unprecedented growth in an era where physical markets are increasingly transitioning to digital. Nevertheless, this is what the world saw as GameStop (NYSE:GME) grew to a

The Sustainable Commodities Marketplace Series research helps fill the knowledge gaps around global sustainable consumption and production for eight commodities—bananas, cocoa, coffee, cotton, palm oil, soybeans, sugar, and tea—uncovering important trends and information to support action on improving environmental and social

This article is part of the series “Our Sustainable Future”. The author is a filmmaker who lives in the U.K. and this is the story of how she became a “conscious consumer”, with a new lifestyle on a path to

This article is about the "We Can Save the World Sustainability Challenge" a 28 days event aimed to raise awareness on sustainability. If you are reading this, you will likely agree that it is time we do something and create a

Are electric cars just the cherished dream of eco-conscious consumers or a soon-to-become reality? With the coming of Biden's strong climate policies and the Trump administration’s odious support of the fossil fuel industry finally out of the way, the United

Beyond the primary tasks of providing swift and effective health care delivery during the COVID crisis, nation-states must next turn their attention and policy expertise to an analysis of the ways in which their economic policies and prescriptions have failed

Bottom Line Focus on Profit-Waste Ratio Can Strengthen Relationships and Resiliency Amazon’s revenues in 2019 were $281 billion, larger than Pakistan’s GDP. Amazon’s size is mind-blowing — even more when one considers the volume of product it moves. That’s the rub. The

Stuck at home because of Covid-induced lockdowns, we all love to shop on Amazon. We love to order online and get our favorite products without having to brave Covid-infested shops. We might also hear negative stories about Amazon mistreating its

As part of the European Green Deal, a radical policy framework to make the European Union (EU) climate neutral by 2050, the European Commission proposed in September 2020 to raise the 2030 greenhouse gas emission reduction target to at least 55% compared to

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