Researchers walk the talk of North-South collaboration using international rapid prototyping. Everyone seems to be talking about fostering collaboration between actors in the Global North and the Global South. However, "putting your money where your mouth is" does not always come

COVID-19 Reveals the Importance of Passive and Active Business Resilience for Companies Looking to Build Sustainability. Companies know how to respond to challenges resulting from the competitive environment, such as emerging new technology or reaching capacity in your production. These are

COVID-19 and Bulk Buying Finding green grocery shopping solutions can serve as a challenge even without a pandemic. With cooperatives and other green grocery stores rarely available in remote towns, avoiding single-use plastic can often require significant effort. COVID-19 has made this

How consumers' creativity has been unleashed and has impacted all kinds of business during the great lockdown of COVID-19. The Great Lockdown- such an unprecedented event that happened just as we started moving forward with our 2020 goals. There has been

How Authentic Advocacy Helps Businesses Connect with Consumers, Community and Workers. Now more than ever, brand values are a benchmark for success. Impact-focused consumers like millennials and Gen Z are buying from brands that make a statement and do more than

Consider the rubbish we churn out, the frightening scale of our global self-indulgence. We see it mostly through social media: the viral image of trash islands floating in the ocean or dolphins caught in plastic mesh circulate Instagram, Facebook, and

(updated 23 September 2020) Few would disagree that we need a more sustainable world, where climate change is finally under control and the degradation of the environment is stopped. But as consumers, we feel helpless, caught in the vortex of

Pymwymic is a venture capitalist firm and cooperative (co-owned) movement of European Wealth owners looking to pioneer an industry-wide conversion to impact investing. They are striving to open people’s eyes to the positive impact that investment can have on the

As the world struggles with issues such as climate change and recession amidst a global pandemic, a fundamental economic and societal shift is taking place. While many are desperate to “return to normal” the reality is that “normal” is going

“How we make and use products and how we produce food generates almost half of the emissions in our current economic system because the production of goods and infrastructure generates emissions all along value chains,” said Mayor Minna Arve of Turku,

Editor's Note: This article about the social & environmental impact of travel was shared with us by Johny Mair, Cofounder of Ethic, a tech-driven asset manager that powers the creation of sustainable investment portfolios.  It’s that time of year when long

One of the toughest parts of fulfilling the Paris Agreement goals is understanding the path to success. What does it take to muster the political will and support to make an ambitious commitment? How can all levels of government move

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