The Project

Foreword from the Chief Sustainability Officer

“The Corporate Index List has been released today and we’re glad to have achieved this first evaluation process. Now we can move our focus on SMEs, which represent 93% of EU companies. With a team of senior experts and analysts, we started to develop the Impakter index methodology back in 2018. After four years and many lessons learned, we are finally getting there. The Index is just how we designed it to be: intuitive and transparent and yet rigorous and and objective, with SDG targets as its compass and industry certificates as its guidelines and pillars.
The primary goals of the Index are transparency and democratisation for the sustainability reporting sector. With the Index, we are making sustainability compliance and sustainable finance approachable for SMEs, but generally struggle to meet expensive reporting and transformation requirements. Even if we know that the journey for a global sustainability is still in progress and there’s a long way to go, we are proud of the work we are doing for people, companies and the planet.”
Raffaele M. Maiorano. Co-Founder, Chief Sustainability Officer – Head of Index

Team and Contributors