Raffaele M. Maiorano,

Managing Director Impakter Index

Raffaele is an entrepreneur in agriculture and runs two farms in southern and central Italy, producing Pecorino Crotonese DOP cheese, organic olive oil, cereals, oranges and fresh vegetables. He was president of the Italian young farmers for six years and now he’s in charge for Sdg’s and sustainability programs at Confagricoltura, the oldest farmers organization in Italy and Europe. He’s a freelance journalist who worked for many political agencies and national newspapers. From 2017 he’s the chairman of Gfar, the Global forum on agricultural research and innovation at FAO. He’s a professor of agribusiness management at Camerino University, designed and runs the Agribusiness management’s master at Rome Business School. He was in the advisory board of Carrefour, works with Gambero Rosso and he’s a consultant for startups and agribusiness companies. With Alessandra de Seneen and Roberto Reali wrote the manual Sdgs4business for the Impakter Sdgs4business’s Tool. He’s a senior associate of Strategic Advice, developing strategies for companies based on Sdg’s and sustainability management.