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Craftsmanship, spirituality, stones and femininity lie at the core of the design ethos of Joanne Stone Design. The pieces in this collection aim to connect the individual with a higher human conscience. To Joanne Stone, the Peruvian born designer and world traveler, jewelry is not only a way to embellish an individual but a medium through which people can connect to the natural energy of stones. Impakter was honored to interview Joanne in her studio and to have her share with us her design genius and process and to tell us a little more about who she is and what is behind her inspiration.


Q: What makes Joanne Stone Jewelry special?

Joanne Stone Design is the merging of two of my passions. One is design and my aesthetic world, and the other one is my spiritual world and practice. They both developed in the last 15 years. They were existing apart and I decided to combine them both and that is how this collection came about.

Q: Why did you decide to create your own company?

Before embarking on this new venture, I had my own company with partners. This time around I wanted to be an artist and to express what I see and feel. I created a platform where I can do what I love in a way that inspires me: setting my pace, standards, time and who I want to work with. I had a vision to create a company that is all about the stones, their natural formation and their energy.

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Q: Why did you decide to work with stones and precious metals?

Because I want to surround myself with materials that are noble, natural and of elevated consciousness. Precious stones and 18K gold are such. Stones have consciousness, they are alive. They have been around on this planet for tens of thousands of years and are part of evolution. They are like little gate keepers of life on earth and of history. I experience a constant changing and interchanging of energies with them.

Q: How did you finance your project?

I took an initial private loan and its an ongoing process.

Q: How is your studio?

Its very clean, and I have stones and crystals all around as well as other things that inspire me.

Q: What is your team like?

Awesome! I work directly with miners from all over the world to get my stones, third generation Brazilian stone cutters and Italian and South American jewelers. I also work with a creative that collaborates with me in all of my design direction. I love working with my team because they are all artist on their own and are strong at what they do.

Q: As a creative what inspires you and who inspires you?

One of the things that moves me the most is the human spirit and the connection with soulfulness that I find in human beings and in nature. I am inspired when things are pulsating with life and this is why I work with stones. Mysticism and indigenous cultures and traditions also help me find the connection to our planet and Mother Nature that I seek as inspiration. I am passionate to understand that which lies below the surface of what we consider to be real in order to touch the truth and magic of life. I also look to the world of arts specifically to dance, music and furniture design. Independent women that expressed themselves authentically like Pina Bausch and Marina Abramovic, Jean Erdman, Simone Beauvoir – all pioneers in their field are also an inspiration.

Q: Tell me about your creative process

My way of working is very organic. Once I find the initial piece that catalyzes my creative process, I collect other materials that inspire me. I start with one point of reference and it is about simplifying and striping things down in order to showcase the purity of the stone. I don’t like to embellish. This last collection got inspired by a raw piece of an amethyst I found in Peru. I fell in love with the natural texture of the stone and came up with the concept of creating a collection mixing the roughness of the crystal with very modern metal work. For the gold finishings I referenced clean modern design from home furnishings and hardware. I let the stones dictate the form and the shape and I work the metal around them. To create a collection, I sketch, and then cut the stones. Then I go back to sketching until I get the right balance. After that, I start creating prototypes and from there the final piece.


Q: That’s an intricate, long process. Impressive. Tell me an interesting experience you have gone through while starting your business and what did you learn from it?

I re-started on my own, after having had a company in which I had a team helping me in all areas. I had people working in marketing, sales, production and finance. This time around, I had to go back to doing it all on my own. Having to do sales myself, I got to connect one on one with customers, which I had not done in a long time. I started getting direct feedback and this gave me back control and connection with them. When I set the intentions for the company and the way I wanted to work I envisioned working with like-minded people and customers, and connecting with them on a one-on-one basis. Having to do the sales actually fulfilled this intention and now I love doing it. Starting a company again is a constant learning experience. unnamed


Q: What legacy do you want to leave behind with your jewelry?

I want my jewelry to honor the human spirit and connect individuals with their higher consciousness. For me what is really important, and it has always been in my work, is to create a business based on that principle. When I make the pieces I put this intention forward. There is a human touch in every aspect of my jewelry from the miner to the stone cutter to the jeweler. I want to constantly collaborate with other artists- and my team is such. My company is about really honoring and respecting artisans and making things by hand. I want to create a holistic experience- a business with soul.

Q: A “business with soul”, a lovely way to put it. Why did you choose to live in Miami?

As much as I thought I was going to live in Bali, having spent some time living there recently, my roots brought me back to Miami. My sense of community, family and large network of friend is really strong here. Miami is a growing city and there is a lot of opportunity in the air as a creative. There is a great balance between work and play, and of course sun and beach! onyx+bracelet+1


Q: What do you do to relax, have fun?

I am a workshop junkie and I also teach Kundalini yoga. I take workshops in Shamanism, Kundalini yoga and crystal meditations. Recently, I took one on Five Rhythms- a healing arts modality through movement and dance. I also love traveling to Asia, South America and Europe…all over. I am passionate about spending time in nature whether it be the jungle, the beach, or the mountains. download

Q: Your favorite meal?

I love Peruvian, Thai , and Balinese food.

Q: A fun fact about you?

I am a dork at heart.

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Monica Isaza is a Colombian born U.S. Diplomat and Design Strategist. Combining her passion for art, design and traveling she has worked in diverse fields from textile design in Bangladesh to jewelery design in Miami to diplomacy in China, Belgium and Italy. She holds a M.S in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design and a BA on Global and International Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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