A Guide to the Best Sustainable Valentines Day During Lockdown

Lockdown and COVID restrictions have meant that for many of us there’s been somewhat of a drought of dinner dates and spontaneous outings recently. Experts say that “keeping the spark alive” requires time, love and determination. With everything that’s going on, you might be lacking in Valentines ideas that make the day special, without also doing environmental damage to the planet. So this Valentines day, Impakter is here to help you sustainably celebrate.


The stomach is the key to heart, as the saying goes, so food is the number one accompaniment to a lockdown date. If you want to get creative, ditch the old fashioned takeaways and cook some good quality vegan food. Veganism is proven to be beneficial for the planet for its ability to reduce energy consumption, conserve water, and strengthen soil needed to build forests.

Here are some examples of excellent food blogs to check out:

  • Starters: The Colourful Kitchen has an array of entrees that will tickle your tastebuds, such as roasted stuffed honeynut squash or a vegan french onion soup with crispy grilled cheese croutons. 
  • Main course: The Full Helping provides several exciting and eco-friendly recipes. Whether you are a lover of spice or prefer your meals mild, this blog will have you spoiled for choice.
  • Dessert: Fork and Beans is more than just a quirky name. Their dessert collection is full of rich treats that are shaped and cut into cool shapes. How does heart-shaped pancakes sound?
  • Cutlery and crockery: TALA is multifaceted in that it not only sells clothes, but the brand, designed by influencer Grace Beverly, also has a collection of bamboo cutlery. Bamboo is a great sustainable material that doesn’t require any pesticides or fertilizers, which are harmful for the environment, for growing. In addition, it absorbs a massive amount of carbon dioxide as well as being biodegradable in comparison to plastic, which can harm wildlife. The set includes a knife, fork, spoon, a straw and a straw cleaner. 
In the photo: Bowl of soup. Photo credit: Unsplash.


Walking into a lockdown date might not be the same as walking into a fancy restaurant, but the same ambience is achievable, and even better, this can be done sustainably and from the comfort of your very own home. Dating and romance are amplified through the senses, and sight is one of the fundamental elements you can use to charm your partner on Valentines day. This can be achieved perfectly through decorations:

  • Lights: Etsy is the mecca of unique and handmade decorations. For an eco-friendly option, LED lights are proven to be 80% more energy-efficient than normal light bulbs.
  • DIY lanterns: Why not try making funky lanterns with the leftover card or paper in your house? You have the flexibility to make them all sorts of shapes and sizes, and you can recycle the materials afterwards.
  • Candles: Select Aroma prides itself in creating 100% vegan soy wax candles. As well as creating a sweet aroma, these candles are a perfect way to create low and romantic lighting.
  • Bean bags/floor cushions: ReChic is a brand that creates homeware from recycled materials. ReChic pillows are affordable and come with several colour and texture options – perfect for a romantic evening in. 
  In the photo: Heart candles. Photo credit: Unsplash.


After weeks of lounging about on the couch in sweats and hoodies, why not dress up for your lockdown date? Sometimes putting on a dress or some smart clothes – even if it is at home – can make you feel confident, which is sure to rub off on your partner. Here are some places where you can find great options for dressing the part:

  • Dresses: JaggeryLondon pieces are made in South India. The brand credits itself with creating a livelihood for local villagers, as well as supporting shops within the community. If you are looking for a new dress to wear on your indoor date, try this brand – not only are their products made ethically, but they are also comfy and of good quality too.
  • Shirts and trousers: United by blue is a good option for the gents if you are looking for a smart chinos or a smart-casual shirt to rock whilst dining in. They promise that with every product sold, one pound of trash is removed. 
  • Lingerie: Studio Pia’s ethos is to create luxury lingerie with a conscience. Their pieces are made from peace silk (which has no negative effect on silkworms), and they use deadstock fabrics in the hidden areas and packaging made from recycled and recyclable materials. Check out their website for their Valentines day gift guide.
In the photo: Evening wear. Photo credit: Unsplash.

We hope that this guide will be helpful in creating a luxurious and sustainable Valentines day wherever you are. Despite the current circumstances, the tips provided above are a sure way of celebrating the people closest to you, as well as keeping the world safe at the same time.

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed here by Impakter.com contributors are their own, not those of  Impakter.com. Featured photo credit: Unsplash

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