Countries have committed themselves to ending poverty, hunger, slavery and climate change by 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, CO2 emissions are rising (WRI), resource extraction increased steadily (EEA), and biodiversity is under immense pressure with the expected

In the past few years we’ve heard more and more about the dangers of plastic waste. It’s impossible to avoid the fact that plastic endangers our planet, and single use plastics are particularly problematic. Bottled water is an egregious waste

The Circular Economy Club (CEC) will celebrate its inaugural “Circular Cities Week” event from Oct. 28–Nov. 3, 2019. The goal of the event: to push, with a united voice, for the design and implementation of circular economy strategies in cities worldwide.

Today, we are aware of the consequences the traditional food system has on our environment — perhaps indoor farming technologies can help. For a world of 9 billion people by 2050, we have to drastically transform our food supply chain,

Kabadiwalla Connect is a startup that works to support and improve the informal waste management system found in most of the developing world.  Siddharth Hande’s path to co-founding Kabadiwalla Connect began with an interest in sustainability. In college, he and others

The circular economy is a promising way to promote a positive future, and overcome the current linear production system, based on constant extraction of raw materials, exacerbated consumption, and disposal of goods. As a result of this system, we face

I recently participated in several European events dedicated to the circular economy including the World Circular Economy Forum in Helsinki earlier this month. At these events I heard many assumptions, judgments, and even praise of contemporary consumers. As population numbers

During the twentieth century, as a continuation of the industrial revolution, the capacity to produce and consume increased. As a result, what is known as the linear economy was imposed. In the linear economy model a product or service is

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of industrial facilities, all over the world, manufacturing the food in our pantries, the drinks in our refrigerators, the textiles in our closets, and the medicine in our cabinets. Each of these facilities

This article was originally published by Development Alternatives Blog Series — Alternative Perspectives. The original article can be found here. A popular TED talk by the founder and promoter of the Social Progress Index, describes the potential for achieving the very ambitious and

In the early 2000s, Europe and the USA were exporting significant quantities of waste plastic, cardboard, and paper to China. In 2018, this changed with China’s decision to stop the import of low-quality waste materials, leading to significant diversion to

As far as I see it, building a circular economy is absolutely critical if we are to meet the UN’s ambitious but wholly necessary climate targets by 2030. For the hospitality industry and many other sectors, Artificial intelligence (AI) is

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