This summer, I finally crossed something off my bucket list: participating in loggerhead sea turtle conservation in Kefalonia with Wildlife Sense. As an animal lover, I have always been passionate about the marine reptile. Because of my eye-opening experience in

Most Canadians recognize that Canada must do its part to address the Climate Crisis. However, as is the case in other countries, the actions taken by its political leaders have fallen flat and been nothing more than a failure.  Promises were

In the not so distant future, the job landscape will be centred around science and technology. 90 percent of all jobs requiring Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills. We would like to think the past 20 years has evoked great change

In Guatemala, the relation between the indigenous peoples of the present, and the "magnificent" Maya of the past is often debated. The general perspective, which has been in place since the eighteenth century, is that the present indigenous people in

Sustainable development is defined as meeting current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 goals for sustainable development, known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are meant to “leave no one

 The world is standing on a precipice as the climate crisis intensifies. We are already seeing events that were predicted to happen years in the future, are happening right now. For instance, the Greenland ice sheet melt that was predicted

Indigenous peoples are regularly erased from discussions in North America, be it during presidential debates, the design of school curriculum, or in entertainment. In instances where they are in fact mentioned, it is all too frequently on colonial terms, from

My mother, a single mother to five children, gave birth to me when she was in Form One in High School. She had to breastfeed me for three months before she could go back and complete school. Then, I was

When voters sluggishly trudge to the polls on October 21, 2019, for the Canadian federal election, many will have the knee-jerk reaction to vote for the old instituted parties that have been around since confederation, under various monikers; the liberals

Everyone has a view on plastics. They wrap our favourite products, and they’re in our clothes and cars. We come into contact with them hundreds of times every day. We seemingly have no choice but to accept our world is

Russia’s resurgent presence and strengthened role in the Balkan region has been the focus of increased attention and renewed interest in recent years.  Highly catchy press titles such as “The Western Balkans are a testing ground in a new Cold

After twelve years of working as an advocate in the environmental and LGBT human rights movements, I started a career in the climate field in 2009. Nine years later I entered the energy field. I have learned a few things

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