Can digital life save us from the fear and anxieties of COVID-19, especially when we are put in quarantine, like the Chinese were, like the Italians are today? The digital economy will undoubtedly get a boost from COVID-19 - just

With the on-going locust plague in East Africa of an unprecedented dimension in modern times, the region now faces a hunger threat. Action - and more funding - will be needed to avoid a major food crisis later, UN officials

An important testimonial of how the American opioid epidemic went horribly wrong for doctors too, including those committed to relieving pain and acting as the neighborhood doctor, like Richard Minicozzi, M.D. (1934-2015). This is a Q&A with his daughter, Alessia

The judgment is out, Brexit is a defeat for Europe and the European project. And for America too. It will weaken the European Union on the international scene and slow down integration. That, at least, is the judgment you find

The arctic ice is melting, a climate change issue that portends massive geopolitical changes. There is an ongoing “scramble for the Arctic” just like there was a “scramble for Africa” in the 19th century.  Both driven by the same lust for

2019 marked a turning point in the world fight against climate change with a wave of protests from the younger generations led by Greta Thunberg.  Climate grief is growing exponentially and our contributor, environmental novelist and activist Annis Pratt Ph.D.

The 2010s are coming to a close. Reviewing the decade, what can we say about the future? A tech person will look at technological progress (stunning). A sociologist will look at cultural diversity (explosive). My take (disclosure: I’m an economist)

The wide-spread enactment of anti-terrorist laws in the name of national security has led to the suspension or restriction of fundamental rights, such as the right to due process and a fair trial. The enforcement of these laws has also

Democracy doesn’t work. Plato thought it was a terrible system, a prelude to tyranny, giving power to selfish and dangerous demagogues. Watching what is happening these days in democracies around the world, it’s hard to disagree with Plato. Democracy appears

The topic of Open Science is increasingly gaining importance in all academic environments as well as at policymaking level. UNESCO has recently adopted a resolution that will bring towards the development and possible adoption by 2021 of a UNESCO Recommendation

The international community must recognise democratic freedoms and social justice as basic principles in order to secure lasting world peace. Only then can a global civil society develop in which men, women and children can live without fear of discrimination, oppression

Scorched-earth. Scorched-families. Life provides hard times for each of us, but they come little by little, as if giving us time to recover. For Rufina Amaya, however, life threw its difficulties mercilessly at her, all in just a few hours. On

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