Matthew Guelke

Matthew Guelke


Matthew Guelke is a social entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of The Plant Café Organic, a San Francisco based restaurant group dedicated to bringing 100% organic and sustainable food to the public. The Plant was voted the most sustainable restaurant in the Bay Area by the Nature Conservancy. The group became the first ever in the United States to achieve Platinum certification by Eat Real, a non-profit association that distinguishes restaurants in the top echelon of health and sustainability. His 2nd restaurant won awards for Sustainable Design and is toured as part of the curriculum of the Sustainable Design program at The Academy of Arts.

A former Rocky Mountain guide, bike courier that studied Philosophy, black belt in martial art Shorinji Kempo, and Virtual Reality software designer turned restauranteur and consultant. When he isn’t researching diet and nutrition, and design, he is traveling the world in pursuit of the healthiest and most nourishing seasonal menu items for The Plant. Special interests include, camping the Pacific Northwest coast, surviving the apocalypse, and feminism.

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