We’re in 2021 and three-quarters of our energy is still coming from fossil fuels. Only 16% is coming from low-carbon sources, from which 11.4% are renewable (wind, solar, water), and 4.3% nuclear. We still have a long way to go

Building regulations in the UK still define the carbon emissions of electricity by a rate set in 2012. The methodology used to determine the energy performance of a building (the Standard Assessment Procedure) operates today under the assumption that the

In recent news, conflict within OPEC has been causing a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. On July 18, OPEC resolved  to respond to rising prices by boosting supplies, hardly an environmentally responsible solution - and it will do  nothing to

At this week's meeting of G7 leaders, fossil fuels are on the agenda. Governments have agreed to phase out financing for "carbon-intensive" energy projects but have so far failed to adopt a clear timeline to end support to oil and gas. This is a

According to 2019 data from IEA, 600 million people in Africa are yet to receive energy access. This means almost half (44%) of the continent’s population lacks the means to switch on a light, a heater, a fridge, or charge

It is no great surprise that many modern climate issues arise from the meat industry and its environmental externalities.  While vegetarianism, veganism, and lab-grown meat are all encouraging possibilities, plant-based meat is an exciting and growing alternative to meat.  According

Denmark is and must be the front-runner in the green transition. These were the words uttered in my recent interview with Mr. Dan Jørgensen, the Climate Minister of Denmark and a leading figure in the construction of the world’s first energy

President Biden significantly chose Europe as his first trip abroad. As he boarded the plane to attend the G7 Summit in the U.K., he announced that “the U.S. is back”. And that is in fact the biggest result of his

After the four years of the Trump administration that froze relations between America and its historic allies in Europe, there is a watershed change: With President Biden, the EU-US Summit of 15 June, held in Brussels, marks a new phase

Update 14 June, 8:30 pm: Just out, the communiqué from the NATO meeting in Brussels attended by President Biden. At the urging of the American President, the language is stronger than the one used by the G7 leaders that had

Are governments missing a historic opportunity to fund green transitions? How has the pandemic affected the energy system? IISD speaks to Dr Tom Moerenhout to find out. Dr Moerenhout has contributed to IISD’s Geneva-based Global Subsidies Initiative, currently focussed on

In Hanoi, a city that is home to 7.7 million inhabitants, 5 million motorcycles flood the streets every single day. This is a staggering number that Hanoi is investing to change. As a rapidly-growing capital and the second most populous city

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