Travel booking disruption – Yonderbound CEO Interview

Within the travel ecosystem, the evolving habits and device preferences of travel consumers are challenging the travel booking marketplace to meet traveler consumer needs, triggering new business models that will dictate the future of the travel ecommerce industry.

Launched one year ago, Yonderbound is a travel tech startup based in Monaco that seeks to change the travel booking marketplace by leveraging consumer generated content and professional travel knowledge, building a community of social travelers that get inspired by others and shaking up the traditional travel search.

Yonderbound has an innovative monetization strategy based on travel knowledge where users put together their own Yonderbox (trip planning tool) and get free credit to book hotels every time someone uses it as a referral for booking.

We asked the team of Yonderbound to discuss their promising future plans and notable new trends in the market. Barbara Muckermann, CEO of Yonderbound, shared some of her views with us.


Q: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Yonderbound?

We believe that people should be rewarded for sharing their travel knowledge. Many people share their travel knowledge on popular travel websites and get zero in return. We reward our users with 70% of the net revenue that their travel knowledge helps to generate. Our users then use this credit to pay for their own travels and thus they end up traveling more.

Q: What makes Yonderbound special and differentiate from its competitors?

No other travel company is monetizing their users’ travel knowledge the way we are. Also, as a platform we really underline the importance of the human experiences you can have in the hotel destinations. The accommodation for us is not the objective, it is just a mean to a wonderful experience. We also are very competitive on price, and often offer cheaper hotel prices compared to other OTA’s. All fees and taxes are included from the moment you land on the website; therefore, there are no hidden charges.


 Q: What’s the most notable new trend in the Social travel Marketplace?

Travel lovers all over the world are becoming more influenced by other travelers who share their own travel experiences, and inspire others to do the same. Peer to peer recommendations have never been more valuable. Yonderbound harnesses the power of personal recommendations.

Q: What do you think members enjoy the most about Yonderbound?

The ability to plan a trip, book a vacation, save and share memories from their travel experiences all in one place. As a result, our users will earn Yondercredit from any bookings that their stories generate and thus, they will have the ability to travel more.

Q: How important is storytelling for Yonderbound to inspire others to travel?

Extremely important. We are currently building Yonderbound 2.0 based around storytelling to inspire others to travel. The new website will go live this summer featuring hundreds of bookable travel stories based on real experiences from travel professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Q: We heard about the recent partnership with Virtuoso, What are the goals for Yonderbound in the coming 2-3 years?

We really hope that the Virtuoso Travel Advisors, as well as other travel experts, will join the bloggers and users who are already sharing their travel experiences on Yonderbound to give even more options to our customers.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Never give up. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.

Q:What is the Yonderbound Motto?

Everyone has the right to travel.


In the photo: Barbara Muckermann, CEO of Yonderbound

Yonderbound Instagram

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