Paolo Ottaviani


I spent the last 5 years studying Asia and in particular China, all its aspects, from political to economic ones.

Recently I obtained a master’s degree in International Science: China and Global Studies at the University of Turin. During the Master’s Degree, I had the opportunity to study 1 year in China, where I attended an intensive business course, the “China-Mediterranean Business Program” at the Peking University, which helped me to develop a strong cultural and entrepreneurial approach to Chinese culture and the ability to create opportunities between our two continents.

After the business program, I continued the year in China attending the international business course at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou. Both programs have helped me develop a passion and business-oriented approach to the international environment and the emerging markets

I am fascinated by everything that is synonymous with innovation and internationality, in particular geopolitics, global economy, foreign languages, financial markets, and foreign cultures.

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