Johan Bergenäs

Johan Bergenäs

Contributor, SDGs Contributor

Johan Bergenas is Senior Director for Public Policy at Vulcan where he covers environmental, national and global security topics. He works closely with technology teams at Vulcan and engages its stakeholders worldwide. Bergenas was previously a senior associate and program director at the Stimson Center, a leading U.S. national security think tank. At Stimson he led work on environmental crime, and studied a wide range of transnational security issues, as well as the use of technology to tackle some of the world’s hardest challenges. Bergenas has conceived and executed technology projects in the field countering poaching and wildlife crime. He has held positions with the Monterey Institute, Oxfam and Linkoping University and founded a tech start-up. He holds an honors M.A. degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and an honors B.A. degree from the University of Iowa. Bergenas has written and edited books, monographs, peer reviewed articles and published on national and global security issues in the New York Times, Washington, Post, Politico, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy.

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