Erica Frenkel

SDGs Contributor

Erica is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Gradian Health Systems – a nonprofit medical technology company that works to transform the impact of medical equipment in low-resource hospitals through reliable technology, on-site training, and local technical support. Erica helped launch Gradian in 2011 and now directs its internal and external growth strategy, key partnerships, and company-wide operations. As COO, she has built Gradian’s distribution, service, and training networks in more than two-dozen countries, and continues to bring deep global health expertise to the company’s operations and market development.

Prior to Gradian, Erica worked on global health initiatives in the public and private sectors. She held positions with the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Liberia, consulted to Merck and the Wellcome Trust on vaccine-related public-private partnerships, and managed the Global Media AIDS Initiative for the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Erica is a founding board member of the Global Alliance for Surgery, Obstetrics, Trauma, and Anaesthesia Care (the G4 Alliance). She holds an MPA from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.