Dr Suman Kollipara


Dr. Suman Kollipara is co-founder of a Non-Profit, Peace Tree Innovations Society (www.peacetree.ca) Center for Wellness & Oneness that conducts lecture workshops all around the world on tools of ancient wisdom & modern science empowering individual Wellbeing and Conscious Leadership in organizations. He is based off Vancouver, Canada and comes with a unique background of Veterinary Medicine, Computer Science & extensive training in Sookshma Self Compassion Healing Meditation under a rare ancient Master Sunita. His ability to bridge science & wisdom with practical simple solutions attracts & inspires all age groups around the world. His sessions are very relaxing with great sense of humor. He is very well received by a wide range of audience including Employees/Management at organizations, Inpatients at Hospitals/Addiction Centers, Libraries, Schools, Firefighters & Scientific conferences. He is on a one pointed vision of transforming grassroots wellness with 3 tiered approach of Educate, Experience, Enlighten. To Educate a common man by simplifying the knowledge of Body & Mind for Wellness, provide tools to enable the Experience of optimal physical, mental & emotional states of Fullness, while enlightening all about their true nature of Infinite Potential beings & Oneness. He has recently presented at the World Health Organization in Geneva on Wellness from Within and Conscious Leadership.