Clover Moore

Clover Margaret Moore

Contributor, SDGs Contributor

Clover Moore is a community advocate, champion for progressive policies and the first woman popularly elected Lord Mayor of Sydney. Under her independent leadership, Sydney has developed a global reputation for taking ambitious action on climate change, delivering award-winning facilities, protecting open space, promoting design excellence, delivering new transport options and initiating progressive solutions to complex social problems. As a member of the NSW Parliament, she initiated more legislative reform than any other MP, Ministers aside. When she held the balance of power in the NSW Parliament with two other independents, she delivered a charter of reform called the most significant state political reform agenda of any Westminster Parliament in the 20th century. Small bars, freedom of information laws, whistleblower protection, disclosure of government contracts, boarding house protection, tenant’s rights, strata title reform, making it illegal to incite hatred against members of the LGBT community and making same sex adoption legal are among her achievements. She was forced to resign from Parliament in 2012 after the Liberal State Government made it illegal for her to continue in both roles. Since being elected Lord Mayor, Clover has donated her more than $1.23 million in Lord Mayoral fees to support animal welfare and help the City’s most disadvantaged people.