Betsy Beaumon

SDGs Contributor

Betsy Beaumon is the President of Benetech, a Silicon Valley nonprofit whose mission is to create scalable technology solutions for communities in need, including the human rights sector. She is the co-founder of two software companies, including the first web-based Information and Referral service for social services, and has developed products across the software, semiconductor, and information sectors. She grew Benetech’s largest social enterprise, Bookshare, that has provided over 10 million books to people with disabilities in 70 countries. Betsy is an authority on digital accessible materials and coined the term “Born Accessible,” a vision where all digital content is made accessible when created. Through Benetech’s Human Rights Program and Benetech Labs, Betsy and her team are working to drive significant impact through new products and services. Betsy previously held senior positions with BEA Systems, TradeBeam, Social Online Service, and Cisco Systems. She holds a BSEE from Northwestern University.