Raffaele M. Maiorano

Raffaele M. Maiorano

Chief Sustainability Officer & Co-Founder

Raffaele M. Maiorano was president of the Italian young farmers association, ANGA for six years and now leads the SDGs and sustainability programs at Confagricoltura, the oldest farmer’s union in Italy and Europe.

A freelance journalist, Raffaele has worked for many political agencies and national newspapers. He was also the interim Chairman of Global Forum on Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) at FAO.

Raffaelle is also a professor of Agribusiness Management at Camerino University; designed and runs the Agribusiness Management’s master’s program at Rome Business School.

Furthermore, he is a consultant for several startups and agribusiness companies. Raffaele has agriculture businesses in Calabria and le Marche. Sits as a member of the Fondazione Patrimonio Italia’s advisory board and IQDMedias.

At Impakter Raffaele is Co-Founder,  Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Index.