Justin Meacock

Born and raised in New York, Justin Meacock served four years in the U.S. Navy. Then he studied International Relations and Marketing. He is now interested in continuing his studies in Journalism. Always a lover of the outdoors and caring for the environment and a sustainable lifestyle, Justin loves to learn and share about the emerging technologies and business opportunities that benefit the environment, the economy, and the individual. Currently he is an intern with Impakter.




Andrej Pavicevic - SDG Series Editor

Andrej Pavicevic - SDG Series Editor

Andrej Pavićević is a writer and editor leading the editorial team and working on the Impakter SDGs/Global Leaders series. A recent graduate from the John Cabot University in Rome, he is now pursuing a Master's degree in Sustainable Development while also working as a freelance writer/editor and investing his free time in taking photos and writing anything from film scripts and treatments for friends to poetry, songs and short stories for himself.

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