Twenty-thousand illuminated stems are not enough, nor are flipped or hidden mirrors, even less the LEDs, invisible threads, suspended stones and sticks! Every human intervention, through his own art, his ingenious mind, creates a temporary and illusory attempt of embellishment. All gets swallowed, first assimilated trough our eyes and than our mind. We take possession of it. It becomes part of our personal imaginary, that nature’s most mysterious, magnificent and darkest depths, populated by legends and mysteries. This is the forest.

Silvia di Paolo

About the Author /

Silvia Di Paolo, Art Director and Designer, is the founder and editor of Supernature - Visionary Unlimited. She lives and works in Rome, Italy.


  • nicole

    April 4, 2017

    who are the artists for each piece? I’m most interested in the bottom left one

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