The artist, Alighiero Boetti, placed between his first name and his last name, the letter “e” (and) creating his pseudonym “Alighiero e Boetti” to enhance his double personality. In 1968, he created what is considered today his key work “Gemelli” (Twins): a black and white photo-montage in which he is holding the hand of an identical copy of himself, thus putting into question the uniqueness of the self.

The artist says that every creative process is linked to a duality of purpose, or the dialectic between opposing concepts, the reflection on time, the splitting. In this way, he centered one conceptual problem of our culture: everything is double. Everyone can have a dual identity. Alighiero Boetti with his “own” twin both have the same face of a single reality.

The Doppelgänger may be real or virtual, a person or a reflection, invisible to the eye, but detectable by the thought.

Silvia di Paolo

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Silvia di Paolo, Art Director and Designer is founder and editor of Supernature - Visionary Unlimited. Lives and works in Rome, Italy

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