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Luck; I have found that people have differing beliefs about this concept.  They either believe it is an outside force or believe you have control over it. Where do you fall? Do you believe that some people are just born lucky while others are born unlucky? Do you believe luck can be within your control or that there is some outside source controlling your luck?

In pondering these questions, I decided to do some exploring into the definition of luck. All of the definitions I found define luck as an unpredictable and uncontrollable force operating by chance. I don’t really like the idea of a force in my life totally operating by chance. Do you?  As I dug a little further, I found some other explanations like this one in the article “The 3 Kinds of Feng Shui Luck & The Law of Attraction” by Jenn. It says, “according to Feng Shui, there are three different factors that determine your luck (and luck dictates the speed and ease with which things arrive in your life): heaven luck which is luck your born into, human luck or mindset, and earth luck which is the way in which you choose to live in your space.” I can get on board with this one a bit more, but to me, it still carries the idea that luck is in part uncontrollable.

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Coupled with my education, training, and experiences along with these definitions and explanations, I still cannot agree with these sentiments. But like most people, I grew up believing that I didn’t have control over luck and other things in my life. Being a curious, stubborn bull (my astrological sign is in Taurus after all) I was defiant against anything telling me I had no control. I just didn’t fully believe that luck “just happens” and that you were either lucky or you were unlucky. I was determined (and still am) to find ways in which I was more in control of my life and therefore my luck. At an early age, I found I was interested in human behavior, which led me to an education in the study of psychology and mental health. My education and training taught me about thoughts and beliefs, emotions or feelings, and behavior among other things.


First, let me briefly explain a belief. A belief is a thought we have repeatedly for which our brain seeks physical evidence from the outside world which is then accepted as truth. Our thoughts are based on our personal experiences and are then generalized and compartmentalized in our brains. We have an experience which generates a thought (and vice versa) which then leads to a feeling. I was taught beliefs cannot be changed and just because you think it, it must be true. I was, happily, taught that quite the opposite is true. Researchers have found that not only can we change our thoughts leading to changing our beliefs, that we have control over what we think and feel.

How do we relate this to luck? Have you heard anyone ever say “if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have no luck”? This is an example of a belief. A person with this belief will perceive experiences in their lives to be that of more bad luck than good luck. They also will shrug off any evidence of good luck because it opposes the original belief. (The brain doesn’t like change.) This is a good place to insert the teachings of the Law of Attraction. Remember the Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself, is drawn. Put more simply, like attracts like. Therefore, if my belief is that I only have bad luck the Universe has no choice to then bring me more bad luck. Unfortunately, this is where people struggle with the Law of Attraction. No one wants bad luck, right? Right. So why would I have beliefs that I am unlucky and attract bad luck? It’s easier to accept the Law of Attraction when attracting good luck, but it does work both ways.

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Here’s where we get tripped up. Most people in my experience are not fully aware of their thoughts. It is not something taught in schools and again for a long time, even scholars in psychology, believed that we didn’t have control over our thoughts and feelings. So, before you start blaming yourself for all of the bad luck in your life, take a breath and remember for most people this is a new idea. Never mind the fact, that our brains are very noisy and busy. Our beliefs are a part of us for so long they can become habits and our brain goes on autopilot. These types of negative thought habits are called cognitive distortions or automatic negative thoughts. Dr. Daniel Amen refers to them as “A.N.T.S”. Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become habits, which then, send out energy into the Universe and create manifestations. In other words, thoughts and beliefs create what we attract, like luck, into our lives.

Law of Attraction then goes deeper to say that not only are your thoughts important because they create beliefs, but your feelings are just as important, if not more important. Your thoughts and feelings are energy and energy vibrates. Think of your feelings on a spectrum. At one end is love, the strongest positive feeling and at the other end is fear, the strongest negative feeling. All of the other feelings fall somewhere in between. A good reference is the book “Ask and it is Given” by Jerry and Esther Hicks who have created what they call an emotional guidance scale that works as a rating scale. Another good example is the pain scale you see in hospitals or physician’s offices. I like the pictures of the faces on these scales. Your thoughts and emotions work together to manifest whatever it is you want or sometimes what you don’t want. Using the example from above again, this thought will be attached to an emotion like fear. Fear vibrates pretty strongly and that energy goes out into the universe. Essentially, what that energy is saying is “I want bad luck”. This is a very stripped down example. The universe is responding more to the feelings of fear than the exact words. Feelings are important as you can see.

So how do we change our luck? We change our luck by changing our vibration. What you focus on you attract. If you want more good luck focus, your thoughts on more positive things, but don’t forget to be mindful of your emotions. If you are fearful and try to move straight to love you’re just going to get frustrated because those two emotions are at either ends of the spectrum and are too far away from each other. It’s like trying to jump from the bottom step of a staircase to the top step all at once. Unless you’re some kind of jumping bean, you will end in falling. Work yourself up one or two steps at a time instead. Slow and steady wins the race here.

There are many ways to untwist cognitive distortions, but my favorite is focusing on gratitude. This doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture. Start simple like being grateful for having running water to take a shower or being grateful for the couch you may be sitting on or the TV you may be watching. Another way is to celebrate your wins that occur throughout the day. Again, keep it simple. Celebrate being able to get out of bed, celebrate finding something to be grateful for, celebrate a wonderful dinner you made. Like the character Big on “Sex in the City Two” said, “We have the luxury to design our life”. Do it! Create your own reality! Create your own luck! It doesn’t mean bad things won’t ever happen, but it does mean you’ll change your perspective on the meaning of bad luck. Instead of playing victim to bad luck, play the winner and gain the gift of knowledge and insight. I’d say that’s a good luck!


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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Disaster Response Crisis Counselor in the state of New Jersey with a Master's Degree in Social Work from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. I have been working in the mental/behavioral health field since 1999 in a variety of settings with much of my focus on children and families. I use my knowledge and expertise to provide mental health assessments and therapy to clients at an outpatient agency while also working for an Accountable Care Organization in South Jersey. I was certified as a Law of Attraction Life Coach in 2015 and have built a life coaching business-Living Through Creativity- where I work with individuals to remove blocks and improve brain health in order to double their confidence to manifest their dreams. I have a background in dance as an instructor/choreographer and yoga. I love to read and be creative. I enjoy being active in yoga, running, and biking, and being outside, and spending time with friends and family. My dog Randi has been a Godsend and is my running partner and in general partner in crime and my comic relief. My passion for helping those who are motivated to improve their life so they can live to their highest good feeds my soul.

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