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There is no longer a need to feel dis-empowered as a consumer. Ten years ago a so-called “green revolution” started and our society is now ready to ride the crest of the wave. Believe me, this is a downhill with no brakes, and for the first time in history, it’s a new economy with a good purpose.

A bunch of social entrepreneurs and eco-conscious people willing to build companies have gathered to make this world a better place. Basically, we are leading a new type of economy, doing business out of social and environmental problems. But why?


There are obvious climate changes with environmental catastrophes reported on the front page of newspapers worldwide, as well as politicians pointing their fingers directly to us, consumers, for being part of this very system they have created.

Our response? We have started to demand better! As we already possess the technology, skills, education and necessary resources, we are able to ask and offer more and better eco-friendly options.

A proof that this goes as fast as a rocket, is the plastic issue.

A few months ago, our screens showed images of the pollution of our oceans, freaking out the world. More people became also aware of a new concept, micro-plastics largely found in the water we drink and the fish we eat. And from a more institutional perspective, China’s plastic ban started in January 2018 was a game changer, impacting Europe and the US. It basically consisted of a new scheme issued by several countries in Asia, leaving Western governments troubled, as they had ignored a new policy even though it had been announced a long time ago.


Again, what was our reaction, we the consumers?

Far from getting paralyzed, we spoke up. This video shows events happening right in the supermarkets and turning into a new way of activism:

Consumer reaction included posting bad reviews on social media addressed to major brands and supermarkets, requesting that at least fruits and veggies not be wrapped in plastic. Another great example, is a video becoming viral because it showed the unbelievable amount of plastic under water in Koh Tao, Thailand, an island that was supposed to be a paradise.

Our beautiful planet is overwhelmed with plastic and waste, and it only took us a few months until supermarkets started offering more plastic-free products. We shift the story of a brand or business because we have the power to demand better. When we speak up, a contagious chain of better behavior happens. Because we can be there for a change.


Ourgoodbrands: The media platform creating awareness of sustainable alternatives

We decided to create a platform featuring good news that takes form in brands, ethical businesses or social entrepreneurs. Not a temporary trend, but the response to a new demand form society. If anyone doubts that, we can confidently confirm that social impact businesses are here to stay. These brands are eco-friendly or provide more sustainable alternatives. Product by product, they are creating a real impact.

At Ourgoodbrands, we share that impact whenever we can. The reasons are that it helps to empower each of us around the kind of decisions we make. Each of these decisions truly matters and contributes to a better world.

They include tech solutions, food & beverage brands, eco-friendly beauty and hygiene alternatives, fairer fashion & accessories options… But also information about the most innovative materials, production processes and business models.

Whether you are a consumer seeking affordable eco-lifestyle options, or the next social entrepreneur starting an ethical brand, Ourgoodbrands is the right place for you.


And if you were worried about ethical brands being more expensive, we will demonstrate this is also not true. Thanks to some early adopters, ethical has become more accessible than ever. If you want to implement changes slowly, you can always start with a few goodies that will also make your life a bit easier. For example, a bamboo Yourstraw, or a Sasa Collective toothbrush, a Rockwell safety razor, an Atlas & Ortus coffee cup, or a LifeStraw water bottle.

If you are a tech lover, there are plenty of FREE apps. Did you know about the search engine that plants trees for each time you search? Ecosia is available for everyone to download on our phones or set up as the main browser. You can find out more about it in the related Impakter article: Ecosia, the sustainable search engine – a deep dive into our future.


Or you can use OpenLitterMap, a citizen science litter-mapping game to clean the planet. It is an app that can make you earn Littercoins (digital money or cryptocurrency) every time you take a picture of litter that you find in streets while you contribute to plastic research.

Oh, do you also use toilet paper, I guess? Who Gives a Crap is a brand that is committed to building toilets around the world while saving thousands of liters of water, barrels of oil, greenhouse gas emissions as well as fresh trees to be cut from our forests.


If you don’t know where to start, check out aligned lifestyles such as Zero Waste or Minimalism, and take what is feasible for you. You don’t need to do it all at once because, again, every single step matters and building long-lasting habits takes time.

We definitely don’t live in the ideal world (YET!) and we can’t become fully eco-conscious from one day to the next. Be patient and kind to yourself as well as to our planet! Our message is simple: Don’t get overwhelmed and focus on the positive changes you make on a daily basis, however small. Every little bit counts.

Editors Note: The opinions expressed here by columnists are their own, not those of Featured Photo Credit: Video Credit: OurgoodbrandsNews
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Maxime Ducker is the founder of - a media platform for brands that are sustainable, ethical and eco&social-conscious. If you are a social entrepreneur willing to make a difference and learn about the last trends, business models or innovative materials, or just a consumer ready to make a positive impact with your individual choice, make sure you join Ourgoodbrands. Promise you will find only positive news about more sustainable living options with a measurable influence on a worldwide scale, contributing to social causes and the health of our planet.

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