Breaking all the norms expected of women by Kenya’s highly patriarchal Maasai community are IFAW’s Team Lioness, eight young female rangers protecting wildlife in Kenya’s Amboseli UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. At just 21, Eunice Mantei is the youngest of the first ever

We’re in 2021 and three-quarters of our energy is still coming from fossil fuels. Only 16% is coming from low-carbon sources, from which 11.4% are renewable (wind, solar, water), and 4.3% nuclear. We still have a long way to go

For 39-year-old Beijing resident Lei Zhou, her work rescuing, treating and releasing many of the birds of prey injured as they navigate the bustling Chinese capital on their migratory route is far more than just a job; it is her

The Government of Greenland has decided to cease issuing new licenses for any future oil and gas explorations. The decision to halt oil exploration is also the story of a population that puts the environment first. Pele Broberg, Minister for Business, Trade, Foreign

Good news in biodiversity is so rare — all we hear is that we are losing species every year — that when China announced that the beloved giant panda is no longer classified as an endangered species in China, we

A decision by the Science Museum in London to accept a sponsorship from fossil fuel giant Shell for its “Our Future Planet” exhibit has been met with protests and demonstrations, most recently by a student climate action group. Demonstrations by

Countries from all over the world are pledging new and ambitious climate change plans. It’s been an eventful week for climate change policy watchers. Not only did US President Biden relaunch US leadership on the issue with the Climate Change Summit,

Companies globally are moving quickly to bring to market meat products that are grown from animal cells in a lab, also known as “clean”, “cultivated” or “cultured” meats. In Singapore, on 2nd December 2020 lab-grown meat was approved for sale

A new course for professionals that work in agricultural development in the Dry Corridor of Guatemala aims to scale climate change adaptation approaches and practices. Guatemala is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change and variability in Latin America. In the region

Around the world, communities of color and marginalized groups disproportionately feel the effects of pollution and other environmental impacts. Whether it’s residents living along the polluted Cooum River in Chennai, India; Louisiana’s petrochemical-dense Cancer Alley; Thailand’s toxic hot spot Map

Innovative ways to improve soil carbon accounting can support investment-oriented actions promoting soil carbon storage and help smallholders participate in carbon markets. Today is the 6th annual international World Soil Day, which aims to direct attention to the importance of healthy

Every month, ships loaded with second-hand, low-quality, polluting vehicles leave ports in Europe, Japan and the United States bound for sale in poorer nations. A 2020 United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report states that 14 million vehicles were exported to

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