Indonesian President Joko Widodo was sworn in for his second and final five-year term on Sunday, October 20, in a ceremony far more modest than his first inauguration in 2014. In his speech, Joko Widodo elaborated a vision for Indonesia’s future

After Canadian voters hit the polls on October 21, Justin Trudeau will serve his second term as Prime Minister – this time with a minority government. The Liberal Party won 157 seats in Parliament, leaving them 13 seats short of

Mangrove forests play an essential role in preserving the environment, fighting climate change, protecting shorelines and water quality. Now the world's largest mangrove, the Sundarbans, is at risk. This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Earth.Org. The Earth.Org

Allegedly, the production and use of aluminum are environmentally friendlier than extensive plastic produced worldwide. Major multinational companies producing bottled water enhance production and sales of aluminum bottles to reduce sea pollution globally. Related topics: Paradise Plagued by Plastic  |  Microplastics

Maduro "tries" to heal Venezuela’s economy: He announces Petro-backed funds and public spending, increases in minimum wage and more local autonomy. He tries but will he make any difference? Venezuela has been suffering  now for years and its economy has

The climate emergency makes the comparison between humans and dinosaurs inescapable: Both face extinction from a climate crisis. But with a difference. The dinosaurs didn’t bring it on themselves. An asteroid hitting Earth and a giant volcano did it for

With Canada’s federal elections approaching later this month, the Canada election scene is picking up. The first French election debate held on Quebec's main television chanel saw a face-off between the leaders of four of the nation’s political parties. The

Against fast-changing geopolitics, with the global centre of gravity shifting away from the Trans-Atlantic, the term ‘Indo Pacific’ has entered the policy dictionary as the term capturing the amalgamation of the Indian and Pacific Oceans into a larger interconnected space

updated 7 October 2019 Sunday, 6 October, the Amazon Special Synod will begin in Vatican City. It promises to be something destined to remain in History, not only in that of the church.  More than 180 clergy members among bishops and cardinals

Venezuela’s political, economic, and social issues have caused one of the biggest crises in the history of Latin America. Years of corruption, economic mismanagement, and consolidation of power have resulted in the decline of one of the wealthiest countries in

Armenia Yerevan Oct. 6, 2019, WCIT 2019 opening day: This coming Sunday, on Yerevan’s iconic Republic Square, the WCIT 2019’s opening ceremony will take place. A ceremony unique in its format. Artificial intelligence will be at center stage: The audience will

The green journey starts with the Canadian federal election just around the corner on October 21st, the subject of Climate Change is being addressed from all sides of the political spectrum. This debate has got people thinking, not only about

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