From the 26-28th of June representatives of over 100 countries and regions met in Rome for three days of talks. The pre-Summit would serve as a prelude to the main UN Food Systems Summit taking place in September.  This event is

As the last few weeks have once again made shockingly clear, the next century will be one where humanity has to adapt to increasingly extreme weather events as a result of global warming. We are in crisis, and need to

US Senate votes to move forward with trillion-dollar infrastructure package, but complications with "human infrastructure" could derail Biden’s agenda. On July 28, the US Senate voted to proceed on a nearly $1 trillion infrastructure plan, announcing in a rare moment of

“It doesn’t matter if global or national leaders talk love or make war, it is people who starve.”  paraphrased from an African proverb about elephants trampling the grass when they fight. With only half of 2021 behind us, we have already experienced

This article is part of an editorial collaboration with Heifer International. It was first published on the Heifer International blog. Nothing can stop Leah Amongi, not even a global pandemic. Amongi is a 28-year-old single mother who lives and works in Uganda’s Dokolo

There’s a new policy to fight climate change: incentives given to farmers to plant cover crops to extract carbon out of the air. Such cover crops are able to extract carbon out of the air and into the soil. Once

Climate change is already undermining food systems in many parts of the world, contributing to a rise in global hunger and threatening the livelihoods of millions of farmers, herders and fishers. In the arid regions of Ethiopia, droughts are becoming more

We’re in 2021 and three-quarters of our energy is still coming from fossil fuels. Only 16% is coming from low-carbon sources, from which 11.4% are renewable (wind, solar, water), and 4.3% nuclear. We still have a long way to go

Environment ministers from the G20 member states assembled on July 22 for two days of talks, attempting to lay a foundation for negotiations on climate policy ahead of the crucial COP26 United Nations conference in November. Whilst presenting a facade

This is the third article in the series “Our Sustainable Future”. The first article is here and the second is here. The author is a filmmaker who lives in the U.K. and she records for us how she became a

Building regulations in the UK still define the carbon emissions of electricity by a rate set in 2012. The methodology used to determine the energy performance of a building (the Standard Assessment Procedure) operates today under the assumption that the

In recent news, conflict within OPEC has been causing a lot of uncertainty and anxiety. On July 18, OPEC resolved  to respond to rising prices by boosting supplies, hardly an environmentally responsible solution - and it will do  nothing to

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