John Negroponte joined the United States Foreign Service in 1960. Already then, he knew he wanted to be a diplomat and had discovered what could be referred to as his life's true calling, especially if we're looking at it from

Today we all know that George Soros, his Foundations, Funds, and his other businesses have been targeted in the last couple of years by certain political groups. They have been accused of making money out of the people living in

When asked what were her most poignant memories of her three year tenure to date in the UN Refugee Agency, Deputy High Commissioner Kelly Clements referred to the Agency’s efforts to rescue refugees from the monsoon in Bangladesh, having conversations with resilient women

Blockchain is either a word you have heard of, and ignored, because you are intimidated by technology and have no idea how it applies to your life OR it is something with which you are completely fascinated. Blockchain is actually

September is the time of year when New York becomes the center of attention of the word. All the foreign dignitaries are there, attending the UN General Assembly. Since 2011 they have a new home, a very fresh and forward

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