Drinking tequila, the iconic Mexican beverage made from the agave plant, can have the most surprising effects on the environment. And Sombra Mezcal has come up with surprising solutions. Consider the story of the lesser long-nosed bat. Good news arrived in

How to Re-engineer Education to tackle Global Challenges of the 21st Century In recent years, humanitarian crises seem to be occurring at an ever-increasing rate: in 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the US, which became the costliest natural disaster

I discovered the crowdfunding around 2010 when it was about the hottest topic on everyone's lips at every film festival I attended. However, the crowdfunding landscape has changed dramatically since I ran my first campaign in 2012. In this article,

At the recent European Council meeting, the highest level venue in the European Union with all 28 leaders in attendance (including the UK), it looked like the EU was about to break down over its migration problem. No doubt to

The WorldBank’s recently released Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2018 reminds us how hard it is to measure what matters most to SDG 4 – quality education. Atlas’ indicators depict consumption, conditions, and consequences of education, but not its quality.

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