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Yoga As A Lifestyle: Interview with Tara Milhem

Tara Milhem has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition and is a board certified holistic health coach, registered yoga instructor, and author. Her road to being a digital influencer on all things lifestyle, travel, and wellness began with a rocky start when she developed an unhealthy relationship with food and body image that has taken years of intensive therapy and radical self love to repair. Now she currently shares her passion for living a balanced and authentic life around the world as a photographer, travel junkie, and recipe lover. Tara Milhem has been featured in Well+Good, the Yogi Times, and is a contributor to mindbodygreen. Impakter caught up with the serene yogi to learn more about pursuing your passions and taking on a new experience.

How did you get involved in yoga? How did you learn, and what made you continue to practice and teach professionally? 

Tara Milhem: I started with yoga when I was about 17 with a hot yoga class every Sunday. My friend used to take me and I ended up falling in love and getting deeper into yoga. After that experience, I began to take classes more regularly and then went for my teacher training certification to gain further insight into the root of yoga and work on myself more.

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When did you realize that pursuing yoga was your dream? Did you ever feel discouraged, if so, why and how did you overcome it?

T.M.: It wasn’t until I was in the midst of the teacher training that I really fell in love. I practiced 2 times a day and really got to know myself deeply. I was often discouraged when I couldn’t get into certain poses, like crow pose, and I overcame it by taking tiny steps every time I practiced. It came little by little!


If a stranger was wondering whether or not he/she should pursue yoga, what would you say to convince them to try it?

T.M.: It doesn’t matter where you start, you just have to start. It’s not as daunting or stereotypical as it seems and it can actually turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened to you (trust me!). I would tell them to try it at least one to two times.


Photo Credit: Tara Milhem

What is the key to your success?

Persistence. It’s important not to give up and keep your goals in mind every single day. Downfalls come all the time, so what matters is that you get back up and keep walking.

Going over your life and the choices you have made, would you choose the path to achieve your dreams?

T.M.: Yes and no. I would take more time to do the things I’ve done. I was often rushing to get to the next step and sometimes missed out on where I was.

Do you have any regrets? Or did you have any fears entering to the yoga lifestyle?

T.M.: I always feared that yoga stereotype of “perfect” bodies and long limbs. It’s not true though, and it shouldn’t scare anyone away from the process. I don’t have any regrets.


Photo Credit: Tara Milhem

Were you ever pursuing a career path other than yoga? If so, what was it?

T.M.: I’ve always wanted to be a nutritionist and studied that.

Can you describe your unique style of yoga?

T.M.: I’m not bound to any one type of yoga although I do love vinyasa.

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What are the differences you see in yoga versus more traditional sports?

T.M.: Yoga is much more intuitive and in tune with your body. Deep breathing relaxes and energizes where traditional sports focus more on exertion.

Outside of yoga, what are your other aspirations?

T.M.: I am still exploring this and sharing my experiences on my lifestyle blog and on Instagram.

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Photo Credit: Tara Milhem 

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