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I See Red

In 1901, Matthew Phipps Shiell wrote one of the first works of apocalyptic fiction, where a red-purple poisonous cloud kills all men on the planet, except one.

I never thought of red as the color of Christmas, I have always associated it with violence, exageration and desire. The red gem called ruby, more and more difficult to find, since ancient times is considered the most magnificent of all gems. Revered in most cultures throughout history, the ruby has always been seen as a talisman of love, protection and prosperity.
Red is the blood, the flesh, our internal organs. Red is the fire, lava volcanoes.. Nature produces incredible shades of red, in the autumn leaves, berries and fruits of the forest, the desert sand of Namibia in the sunset, red shades in the Waiotapu natural thermal reserve in New Zeland, red turns the moon during total sun eclipses.. Red is the color of seduction, sex and desire. The color of fashion par excellence. Who dresses in red wants to be noticed, wants to bewitch and get lucky. Then good luck. Here, these are Supernature’s Christmas wishes.

Silvia di Paolo



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